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An Introduction from Amit
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Shabbat Shalom!
An Introduction from Amit
Dear Tavor Families,

What an incredible summer we’ve had! We’ve had adventurous tiyulim, beautifully contributive anafim (“Avodah” work groups), lake swims, new art and chava (farm) initiatives! We’ve made lifelong friendships, explored creative chuggim, and engaged with new learning methods (learn more about our theater workshops, below!).

At machane (camp), I get to watch as Tavor campers transform our camp community with new landscaping projects, murals, built structures and policy proposals. My hope is that they return home hungry to keep imagining, creating, and transforming the world around them.

Throughout the growth sure to come over this next year, I look forward to your family’s continued engagement in our community. We have many different opportunities for engagement:

  • Our tzevet (staff) will be hosting fun events in our hub-communities (“ken” events). Be on the lookout for information at the beginning of the academic year.
  • We’ll be launching the Bonimot Tzedek Program, a new social justice and leadership development program for our high school campers that will provide opportunities for year round engagement!
  • We are hosting a Fall Seminar at Camp Tavor the weekend of October 5th - 7th. Fall Seminar is open to all campers entering 8th grade and up and registration will be available shortly through CampInTouch.
  • We will be hosting a Spring Seminar in April 2018. Exact dates and location TBD.

We’d love your help in spreading the word about Camp Tavor with your communities! Parents and guardians can join the Va’ad (Committee) Tavor and work with our staff to help spread the word and grow the Camp Tavor community. Email to learn about how to get involved.

And of course… we are always looking for passionate lay leaders to share their skills and time with the Camp Tavor community. If you are interested in sharing your time and skills, please reach out to me ( ) to talk about our Camp Committee or sub-committees.

Most of all, I hope to be in community with you all again next summer! Registration for 2019 will open in September and we cannot wait for another summer of learning and growing together!

Shabbat Shalom,

Amit Weitzer, Executive Director
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Rosh Report
Summer 2018 is coming to a close and I have been ruminating a lot on the value of consistent friendships. This past summer was my 14th at Tavor. If I add up all of my time here, I find that over 1/4 of my life has been spent in this community. There are people at Tavor whom I have known since I was 11.
The friendships I formed at Tavor have sustained me through joy and through challenges. For the last four days of the summer, we have been lucky to be joined by a member of my kvutzah (age group) who is living and working in the Mirpa’ah (Nurse’s Station). Having her at camp reminded me just how lucky I am to have grown up with people who know me, really know all the parts of me, and love me more for it.
This summer, I was lucky to continue my own friendships, but I was even more privileged in being able to watch new relationships blossom between chanichimot. My hope is that the friendships your children found here will continue to sustain them throughout their lives. We leave Tavor for the summer, but Tavor doesn’t leave us. We take the friendships, the love, the learning, and the growth with us.
Thank you for an incredible summer. Thank you for sharing your smart, funny, inspiring children with us. Thank you for your trust.
Until next summer,
Zoe Friedland, Rosh 2018
Act it Out
This session we were pleased to have Julia Taylor join us at Machaneh Tavor.
She is an accomplished community theater artist, educator, and facilitator.
"The goal is to promote dialogue through the creative process, focusing on urgent topics such as gender equality, the prison system, gentrification, and bullying." She says.
Here at camp we explored standing up against injustice and how to affect positive change.
Bogrimot and Garinimot

Scene: Our students find themselves in a dystopian future at a school with a new code of conduct:

Goal: Make a choice about whether or not to go with the flow or fight for reasonable change.

Scene: Unfair power dynamics.

Action: Move from role of the bystander to leader.

Goal: Discover what it takes to take a stand.

Scene: A modern world where injustice abounds.

Action: Use fabric to tell a story where you make change.

Goal: Enact your vision of a socially just community.
Continue the Conversation
Talk to your kids about the choices they made and would you make the same?
Helping Hands
Each week we will start with a word from some of the staff. A little introduction of who we with some insight and observations from our summer leadership!
Wrapping up my summer reports this week with a look at a few of this sessions Tikkun Olam. As one of the techni it has been my pleasure to organize these trips. It has been a real pleasure working with the chanichimot and an amazing summer all around!

Ali Boreiko, Techni (Operations Manager)
This sessions Tikkun Olam took the Bonimot just down the street to visit with our elderly neighbors at the assisted living center.

They spent the morning playing a friendlier version of “Kickball" that had everyone smiling.
The Garinimot visited some of our closest community partners at a non-profit in Three Rivers called  *culture is not optional.

There, they learned more about the history, demographics and economy of Three Rivers before working on the organizations farm where they grow organic produce to sell at affordable prices to working class families in the community.

After hard work in the hot sun, they joined local kids for lunch provided by the USDA summer lunch program.
The Bogrimot spent their morning working with different organizations that make up the Southwestern Michigan food system.

The 22 Bogrimot split into three groups: Working an organic farm, soup kitchen, and food pantry.

Afterwards they discussed their varied experiences and discussed which of these trips did more “tikkun olam” than the others. Can we even quantify tikkun olam?

We encourage you to have the same conversations!
Click HERE to lean more about Camp Tavor's Summer Leadership
Confection Convention 2018

The summer of 2018 saw a SWEET revolution over the Camp Tavor candy policy that culminated in the Confection Convention of 2018.

Executive Director Amit Weitzer and several chanichimot worked well into a weekend to formalize this proposal:

We, Camp Tavor Team Members, will add an extra page to the online sign-up sheet so that parents will see an option asking if they would like to donate an extra amount of money towards their child's kvutsah ($0-$30).

The page will remind parents the policy is to NOT send food to camp, and instead, to contribute the money they might put towards sending candy into the kvutzah Kupah.

Contributions will remain anonymous.

At the beginning of camp, the tzevet members of each kvutzah will tell their campers how much money they have and the chanichimot will work together to decide how they want to spend the kupah throughout the session.

The kvutzah will need to work on cooperation, compromise, and consensus building.
2018 Bogrimot parents:  Please ask us about Kadima as a phenomenal option for your campers next year! ​
A Tzevet Story
Each week we will profile one or two of the Tzevet (staff)
so you can get to know them better, learn how they came to camp and why.
Talia Yaari
Name: Talia Yaari
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 19
Hometown: West Bloomfield, MI
Year at Tavor: 12

What is your job at Tavor? Ohel madricha

What is one activity you are sharing with campers? I'm excited to share my passion for alternative and informal education with the chanichimot during structured and unstructured times.

How did you first come to/hear about Tavor? All of my older siblings came to Tavor! I grew up tagging along with them and visiting machaneh every year on visitor's day dreaming of the day that I would get to become chanicha and make Tavor my home away from home.

What is your favorite memory of camp? My favorite memories of camp are of the times when my madricha would be out of the ohel at night and my friends and I would get close and talk until very late.

What’s your favorite part of camp? My favorite part of camp is the environment we create which allows people to be completely vulnerable and serious, or conpletely wacky and fun! It's something so special that has really allowed me to create the dearest friendships I've ever known.

Last but not least, most importantly: Is cereal a soup? Yes! But more importantly than THAT is that once we accept the truth that cereal is a soup we can come to the only logical conclusion which is that a vanilla soy latte is a three bean soup.
Hannah London
Name: Hannah London
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 19
Hometown: Wilmette, IL
Years at Tavor: 11

What is your job at Tavor? I'm a mashatz (unit-head). So I will be in charge of the oldest campers

What is one activity you are sharing with campers? I really love sharing all the cool thinks I learned at school this year, like urban farming. I'm very excited for the kids to share with me all the things they learned at school too. I love learning together with kids.

How did you first come to/hear about Tavor? My dad and both my sisters came to Tavor, so we have always been a Tavor family. So, my first summer I was only supposed to stay for 2-weeks. But I loved it so much I called my parents and asked to stay longer. I've come back almost every summer since.

What is your favorite memory of camp? As a junior counselor you plan and run a theme day for all of camp, and afterward there is a party. At that party I had such an immense feeling of accomplishment at being one of those to bring so much fun to camp. I've never forgotten it.

What’s your favorite part of camp? Washing the dishes. As silly as that sounds. We take a lot of ownership over our physical spaces at camp, and washing dishes is never anything I ever thought about at home. It's so much harder than I imagined but you feel so accomplished after. Also the kids have so much fun blasting the music!

Last but not least, most importantly: Is cereal a soup? Cereal is not a soup because milk is NOT a broth.
Stop: Photo Time
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In honor of the last week in camp; which is harder?
Saying goodbye to parents at the start of summer
Saying goodbye to friends at the end of summer
Answer to last week's Camper Question:
Which is the right way to hang a roll of toilet paper?
84% Front End Roll
16% Back End Roll
Randy Reminders
I wanted to take a moment to say what an amazing first summer this has been for me! I am blown away by the level of love and devotion from Mazkirut, Tzevet and Chanichimot! You should know they brought me to happy tears this week as I celebrated my birthday at camp, I will never forget it and look forward to many more!

I thank everyone for making this such a special and wonderful transition!

Now to business: This is a reminder that this will be the last weekly newsletter of the year :( We will begin transitioning to monthly newsletters in September.

Also, you will be receiving an email from me in the coming days asking you to complete the 2018 Camp Survey. Please take a few minutes and fill out this form as answering those questions will better help us prepare for our next summer season.

Remember to keep in touch! Let me know about all the wonderful things you and your family are up to for upcoming newsletters and be sure to share with us those special photos and special occasions! ( ) And keep in touch with each other! 2018 1st and 2nd session directories are now available for download in CampInTouch in the forms section.