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Nathan's Notebook
Nathan takes us on a journey of the Madatz Rev!

" Camp is self-sustaining in the way of creating its own leadership. Madatz is crucial to that sentiment. I am not a parent, despite some of the younger kids assuming I’m 35, but watching my kids run camp? I think that that’s the closest I’ve felt..."

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Bogrimot Tiyul
By Sari, Georgia, and the Bogrimot
Last week, we the Bogrimot, went on a five day tiyul to Wilderness State park and Pictured Rocks in the upper peninsula of Michigan. As we drove up to Pictured rocks we had the unique experience of seeing three Great Lakes in one day.

While at Pictured Rocks we spent two nights camping along the lakefront of Lake Superior. We back-packed to our campsites which included all of our supplies. Carrying everything was very difficult but in the end it was also very rewarding. Although we were split into two groups, we met up at Chapel Rock Beach, ate lunch and swam in Lake Superior together on the third day. Being in such a beautiful place with the entire kvutzah was so special.

The last leg of our Tiyul included driving back to Wilderness State Park campsites where we watched the sunset over Lake Michigan as a whole kvutzah. At some moments we felt hot, tired, and itchy and all we wanted was to go back to machaneh!

At the end of the day having this amazing experience is something we will remember and treasure forever.
Randy Reminders
It's been an amazing first week of second session at Camp Tavor.

If your camper is leaving us on Sunday, please keep an eye out
for an email today from me detailing pick-up at Camp Tavor.
2019 Family Camp!
We are so looking forward to this year's Family Camp! We still have some room if you know of new families looking for a Taste of Tavor!

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Tzevet Stories

Name:  Jesse Edelstein
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Age:  18
Hometown:  Ann Arbor, MI
Years at Tavor:  2 

Name:   Hadas Kluger
Pronouns:  she/her
Age:   18
Hometown:   Ann Arbor
Years at Tavor:   8

Camper Question
Would you rather have one life lasting 1000 years or live 10 lives at 100 years each?
1 Life Lasting 1,000 Years
10 Lives Lasting 100 Years
Check back here next week for the results and another round of Campers Question!