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Nathan's Notebook

Keeping the Magic alive
Nathan reminds us what it is to grow with Camp Tavor:

"Camp is built to change and adapt to those capable of running it, but for those who have had a stake in its past to help create its future is massive in keeping camp magic alive. "

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Tiyul Time
This week the amelimot took off for Ft Custer in Galesburg, MI.

We started with a hike roughly 4-miles in which the kids did really great, singing and laughing all the way.

When we got back to the camp we had a nice lunch, set up the tents and
relaxed for a while before a ranger came by to tell us there was some
free fishing available. The ranger supplied all the rods and bait and even taught them how to cast!

Some fish were caught, some were not, and all were released.
When we got back to camp it was hot dogs, a campfire, s'mores and an impromptu talent show.

After a nice oatmeal breakfast we enjoyed some swim time, then had some lunch, packed it up and headed back to camp.

Happy to report there was lots of cards, snacks and sunshine. 
For Chotrimot tiyul we took off to Van Buren State Park. We began our journey with a relaxing canoe trip before splitting off into two groups.

When we got to our camp site it was getting late, so we pitched out tents and started dinner. Our night ended with a talent show by the
camp fire and of course s'mores! In the morning we had some breakfast before heading to the beach. On our way back to camp we stopped off at "Kids Dream at Louis Park" in Lawton, MI. It has amazing castles and forts that we delighted in. We made a game of hiding a chap-stick around the massive structures. It was so popular, even the local kids were joining in on the fun!
The canoe trip was about a two hour tour, after our shared lunch out group took off to Warren Dunes State park by Sawyer, MI on Lake Michigan.

We had the camp site all to ourselves, and roasted hot dogs, marshmallows. We sat around the campfire playing some games.
We spent the night reading and playing card games too.
In the morning we had a slight oatmeal issue (it boiled over) but we recovered and had a good breakfast none the less, we packed up, (left it cleaner than we found it) and headed to the beach.

After a morning swimming in Lake Michigan, a bunch of us ran up the sand dunes and ran back down.

Then after lunch it was time to head back to camp. Another dry and mosquito free adventure!
Our trip began at the beautiful Ionia State Park. We began with a 3.5 mile hike.

The weather was perfect, not too hot or cold, it really kept us in good spirits, and we played games as we made our way around the lake.

At the camp site we celebrated one of the birthdays of our campers. Followed, of course, by
the usual campfire, with s'mores and singing. In the morning, inspired by our surroundings, we had a puela about nature and how to take responsibility for it. Everyone was really into it, coming up with creative ways of cutting their carbon footprints. Be sure to ask your child about their ideas, and keep the conversation going!
Our trip to Yankee Springs was a lot of fun!

One of the first things we did when we got there was to talk about the environment and climate change and how we want the democratic presidential candidates to address it!

You can see the messages we wrote in some of our photos.
Later we went on a very long, but also fun 6-mile hike. When we returned to the campsite we had hot dogs and pasta!

Some time later we ate s'mores, and had a kumzitz, a time where we all sang some great songs.

The next day, slowly but surely, we all got up to head to the beach, we swam and played and enjoyed ourselves before it was time to pack up and head back to machaneh.
Randy Reminders
Hello Camp Tavor Families! It's hard to imagine we're getting closer and closer to the end of camp! For those of you in our Explore Tavor program, look for an email this week with travel home details.

Just a reminder if you have received a brief survey from us, please take a moment to fill it out. Your answers will help us make machaneh (camp) even better in the years to come!

We have also learned that some of our camp communications may be getting lost in junk/spam mail. Please take a moment and look through that file and be sure to move us into the inbox :)
Thank you!
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Camp Pranks :)
Harmless pranks are just a part of camp... here's just one we were actually able to catch on camera... courtesy the Amelimot boys! This week they left a surprise in the girls tzrif!
I understand they're now working on a prank of their own...
we'll let you know how it goes.
Camper Question
If you had to live without one for the rest of your lives, which would you choose
Air Conditioning / Heating
The Internet
Last week's question: Would you rather have one life lasting 1000 years or 10 lives at 100 years each?

  • 86% chose 10 lives at 100-years
  • 14% chose 1 life at 1000-years
Check back here next week for the results and another round of Campers Question!