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Rosh Report
By Naomi Goldman-Nagel
The first three weeks of summer 2019 at Camp Tavor culminated in an incredible and powerful session for chanichimot (campers) and tzevet (staff) alike.

This past week, community members led peulot for the chanichimot about food security and climate justice. Later, the Garinimot and Chotrimot participated in Tikkun Olam––community action projects–– in the local Three Rivers Community. 

Last night, for the Fourth of July, we played Capture the Flag against the YMCA camp across the lake, and then we hosted our very own fireworks show! So kef (fun)! 

As Shabbat rolls around, we’re looking forward to our weekly rituals of Shabbat shira, rikkud (dance), brisket (or tofu!), and chocolate chip pancakes!

It feels bittersweet to wrap up our amazing session together, but I’m excited for you all to hear about it from your children! Can’t wait for another amazing three weeks with second session!!!
Nathan's Notebook
By Nathan Wojcik
Nathan takes a look at this weeks Tikun Olam projects and the nature of change from camp, to the real world, to community!
Excerpt: " As the first session begins to wind down, I want to speak a bit to the value of change. Camp itself represents a marked change from lives outside of it. Camp is magic. One day there can be a normal day, and the next we are suddenly shipwrecked on a seemingly deserted island."

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Madatz Tiyul Time
The Madatz (counselors in training) took off from machaneh to explore northern Michigan!

On the way to Sleeping Bear Dunes we stopped for a picnic lunch under a gazebo and walked the trails in Big Rapids. We had a brief rain break from hiking and took the opportunity to scout out the The Dennos Museum Center, located in  Traverse City, MI.

Finally we were off to Sleeping Bear Dunes to spend some cool down time at Lake Michigan.
Randy Reminders
This summer is just flying by too fast! It's hard to believe we will be wrapping up the first the session at Camp Tavor in just a few days.

Keep an eye out for emails detailing the First Session travel home information.

If you have not yet submitted all your forms for the Second Session please take a few minutes this weekend and get it done by going to your CampinTouch accounts.

All forms must be submitted and printed before the start of the Second Session for us to be compliant with the American Camping Association.
A huge shout out to those who participated in this years
10th Annual Tour L'Tavor!
We would also like to take a moment and thank our corporate sponsors
Q-Discovery and American Specialty Advertising and Printing Company
for supporting Tour L'Tavor and the Camp Tavor Scholarship Fund.
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Stop: Photo Time
The 2019 Camp Tavor Cardboard Regatta final results: They were all amazing! But it was Rainbow Lettuce that fared the best in the water, while Team Wah built the fastest ship, (both completing 4-laps) sadly Team Riff Raft's ship was lost at sea :) but her crew was safely rescued.
Team Wah
Team Rainbow Lettuce
Team Riff Raft
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Raisins are just grape jerky. Agree or disagree
Your Answers from Last Week
Camper Question: "If you couldn't use silverware at dinner, which of the following would you use instead?"

  • 28% Ladle
  • 7% Whisk
  • 21% Spatula
  • 45% Tongs
Check back here next week for the answer and another round of Campers Question!