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An Introduction from Amit
Special Erev Shabbat
Tales from Tiyul
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Reminder from Randy
An Introduction from Amit
Shabbat Shalom!
Greetings, Tavor Families!

It has been such a pleasure spending the last two weeks with your campers at Camp Tavor. Heading into Shabbat together, I’m grateful for the beautiful weather, your phenomenally creative and thoughtful children, our fabulous neighbors, and our passionate and tireless tzevet (staff).

As you’ll read below, this week focused on tiyul (camping trip) adventures!

Tiyul - especially early in the session - is a phenomenal way for our campers to connect with one another and connect with our environment. We believe that tiyul experiences early in life can build a strong foundation upon which our campers can cultivate a strong sense of environmental stewardship and a lifetime of environmental recreation.

This year, we had our oldest campers leave on tiyul first, creating an intimate and playful camp experience for our 3rd - 7th graders back at camp. During the second half of the week, we switched! While the younger campers were venturing on tiyul, our 8th - 10th graders were able to take greater ownership over Tavor!

I look forward to working with our tzevet and chanichimot to dream up more tiyul adventures into the future and build on the great work we’ve done this summer at Camp Tavor!

Speaking of dreaming! In the coming weeks, I’ll be engaging the Garinimot (entering 9th grade) in a focus group to share ideas for next summer’s inaugural 5 week Bogrimot program, and working with this year’s Kadima (program for entering 11th graders) participants to work together to shape next year’s program!

I love opportunities to partner with our current chanichimot to learn from our past and shape our future programming. I am looking so forward to the exciting things to come.

Shabbat Shalom,

Amit Weitzer, Executive Director
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Special Erev Shabbat
To gather together with our friends and machaneh family on Friday nights is one of the true blessings of Camp Tavor.

On Friday 13th, we were honored to share our evening with some special guests who have supported Camp Tavor in many ways over the years!

The nearly two dozen people who joined us have a rich history with machaneh as former chanichimot, tzevet and mazkirut, even descendants of those who founded our beloved Camp Tavor.

The ties that bind them to Tavor run deep and they continue to support machaneh today in many ways, including serving on our board. They help make it possible for future generations to come here and build their own life-long connections.

We are deeply grateful and so pleased that we could share this beautiful summer with them and with you and here’s hoping to even more summers together. 
Shosh's Tales from Tiyul
Shabbat Shalom! My name is Shoshana (Shosh) Grode, Techni (Operations Director). Part of my job this summer is helping to plan and organize the tiyullim.

This session, the rain held off till we finished our trips! We may have gone to some of the same places but our experiences have been unique and amazing! Enjoy.

Shosh Grode, Techni
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Amelimot enjoyed the Fort Custer State Recreational Area. The first day was spent setting up the campsite and hiking around the area.

The campsite had a beautiful view of the lake for the entire Tiyul.

At night they had a nice dinner around the campfire, and a medurah (talent show) while roasting s'mores.

The next morning, they cleaned up camp and headed to a different lake to canoe before heading back to machaneh. 
Chotrimot was on tiyul at Ionia Recreation Area. They started the day setting up their ohelim (tents) before their first hike.

Chotrimot Alef and Chotrimot Bet went on two separate hikes enjoying the time with their kvutzot and learning about the area.

They shared some various kvutza bonding activities before finishing the night with dinner and s'mores.

In the morning, there was time for one more hike before packing up and heading back to camp.
Bonimot traveled to Warren Dunes State Park on Lake Michigan.

As soon as they arrived it was time to set up camp and have some lunch! Afterwards it was time for a hike on the dunes to the beach where we had a nice refreshing swim. After, we returned to the campsite where we had a kvutza checrati (english) and enjoyed dinner by the campfire.

Finishing the day of with s'mores and a medurah..

The next morning kids were up with the sun, eating a little breakfast before hiking through the woods and spending the day at the beach.
Garinimot spent a glorious 24-hours at Van Buren State Park.

The first day was spent riding bikes to their campsite, and setting up camp.

They then hiked to the water for another sunset swim in Lake Michigan.

They finished the day with dinner and s'mores around the camp fire and a medurah.

The next day they packed up camp; took one last bike ride and ate some lunch on the road before heading back to camp.
Borgrimot camped at Pinckney Recreation Area.

The first day was filed with a 5-mile hike, followed by a well deserved rest!

There was plenty of time to build a fire and cook some dinner, of course what would a tiyul be without (say it with me) s'mores and a medurah.

They ended the night singing kumzits around the fire.

The next day we packed up, hiked a little more to enjoy one last swim on Silver Lake before heading back to camp.
You can see all the photos from tiyul at CampInTouch
A Tzevet Story
Each week we will profile one or two of the Tzevet (staff)
so you can get to know them better, learn how they came to camp and why.
Name: Tzivia Gross
Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs
Age: 21
Hometown: Evanston, IL
Year at Tavor: 13th

What is your job at Tavor? I am Mashatz Bonimot. That is the unit head of the 8th grade campers.

What is one activity you are sharing with campers? New, creative, educational games that they've never heard of. The best way to learn is through play.

How did you first come to/hear about Tavor? My mom and her sisters came here and enjoyed it so much they're all sending their children here. All of their best friends, and all of mine, met here at Tavor.

What is your favorite memory of camp? Being introduced to an entire genre of interest by one of my madrichimot which ended up framing my thoughts and actions for the past 13-years of my life.

What’s your favorite part of camp? Rikkudei on Friday night. I love the mix of songs from the eadly 1900'sall the way to songs that have just come out this year.

Last but not least, most importantly: Is cereal a soup? I think the issue here isn't whether cereal is a soup, but rather the ambiguity of our language categories. Etymologically speaking, the word cereal comes from Ceres, the god of grain and harvest. This is why wheat, barley, rye, etc. are called cereal crops. Thus no matter what you believe about this argument, we must remember that soups may have cereals in it, but are not cereals themselves.
Name: Amali Gordon-Buxbaum
Pronouns: She/Hers
Age: 18
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Years at Tavor: 1st

What is your job at Tavor? I am a madricha (counselor) for amelimot.

What is one activity you are sharing with campers? I'm excited to plan fun and engaging tochniot erev (evening activities). I'm also excited to bring knowledge and curiosity to my chanichimot.

How did you first come to/hear about Tavor? I am a third generation movement member. My mom, Becky Gordon, and her brother, Joel, grew up at Tavor which is part of the reason why I chose to come here.

What is your favorite memory of camp? I distinctly remember the first peulah I ever ran, it was on the prison industrial complex. I was really worried that the kids would not know how to engage with such a difficult topic, but in fact it turned out to be the best peulah I've ever ran. That was a very special moment.

What’s your favorite part of camp? Havdallah! It feels so nice to end the week singing and listening to music while starting at the stars, everyone just feeling so peaceful together.

Last but not least, most importantly: Is cereal a soup? NO! Cereal can eaten dry. No one eats soup dry.
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Is a vanilla soy latte a three bean soup?
Don't mess with my coffee!
Answer to last weeks question: How would a giraffe wear a necktie
Option 1: Bottom of the Neck 61%
Option 2: Top of the Neck 39%
Reminder from Randy
Hello parents! Hope you are having as wonderful a summer as your kids are!

Just wanted to remind those families not at camp anymore that we have sent out the 2018 survey.

The survey is in partnership with the Foundation for Jewish Camp, it provides us a unique opportunity to learn what drives a successful camp experience based on the perception of you, our customers, and then challenges us to improve and innovate based on your feedback. 

We would appreciate you completing the survey as soon as possible so we can plan out an even better 2019 summer!

Please be sure to check your mail for the individual links to the survey :)