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Nathan's Notebook
By Nathan Wojcik
Nathan takes a look at what Tiyul has meant to him, and how he changed his mind!
Excerpt: " Tiyul, like so much else at camp, is an opportunity to learn about yourself and grow. Where tiyul differs from the other ways that that happens at camp is that in nature, we are often with ourselves more than we are at camp. We can judge and reflect and grow faster, that made this tiyul feel different. "

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Tiyul Time
Tiyul time is a great way to bond and grow together, this year our campers also photo documented their time away from camp. Thank you to all of them who brought back these wonderful photos and let us be a part of their journey!
Our Rosh, Naomi, was out and about this Tiyul with the Amelimot! We hit the trails at Fort Custer State Recreational Park, about halfway between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek.

We started with a nice canoe ride around an island at the lake followed by some last minute swimming in our clothes and a picnic.

We then found our campsite and relaxed a bit before setting up our ohelim (tents). We ran int o a slight weather issue with some rain, but that made roasting hot dogs in the fire even more fun.

Everyone had a great time and many s'mores were had. The next day we headed back to three rivers and spent some time playing in the playground of a local park and made some lunch.

Despite the rain, and a chanicha sticking her knew into a sandwich on the ground, and mosquito bites everywhere, it was a successful and memorable tiylul for all.

They had so much fun they forgot they even had the camper camera with them!

(true confession: our camper camera was not working too well so our photos are limited)
Chotrimot had an energetic and eventful tiyul. Starting off with a roughly two hour drive to the beautiful Indiana Dunes, the chanichimot enjoyed many a nap in between bursts of requests for Lizzo and Billie Eilish on the radio. When we got there we were quick to set up camp and then set out on an exploratory mission to get a feel of the surroundings.

For dinner we roasted some hot dogs on the fire and quickly learned that at the Indiana Dunes, Golden Hour is replaced by Mosquito Hour. After fending off the menacing insects, there were roasted marshmallows, story telling and then off to bed!

The next day was filled with adventure as we hiked our way to the lake. We played games along the way like can you guess who I am with notes taped to our heads. Many passerby's were visibly confused hearing campers yell out AM I A GOAT? We spent a lovely day at the beach before packing up and heading home to machaneh.
The Garinimot rode for 2 hours to Pinckney, MI to begin their Tiyul adventure!

A 2 ½ hour hike through Crooked Lake Trail ensued that was filled with inclines, mosquitoes, water breaks and copious amounts of pictures taken on a camera that they struggled to decipher due to the lack of high-tech, touchscreen technology.

After making it back to the site, Garinimot set up their tents and made a fire, upon which we roasted hot dogs and s'mores for dessert.

Following a much needed sleep, we cleaned packed and packed up the site and headed to the beach to take a well deserved dip.

We ate a large lunch by the beach and headed back home to Tavor on a very sleepy bus ride!
Randy Reminders
What an exciting weekend this will be at Camp Tavor! We will be welcoming the Bogrimot to camp for the new 5-week Bogrimot program!

We're so excited to see everyone! Please check your emails for the latest transportation information including tzevet contacts.

And we're excited to welcome the riders taking part in the
10th Annual Tour L'Tavor
They left the Chicago area early this morning for their three day
journey to Camp Tavor and have already made it to their second rest stop.
We would also like to take a moment and thank our corporate sponsors
Q-Discovery and American Specialty Advertising and Printing Company
for supporting Tour L'Tavor and the Camp Tavor Scholarship Fund.

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A Tzevet Story
Each week we will profile one or two of the Tzevet (staff)
so you can get to know them better, learn how they came to camp and why.
Name:  Ally Weingarden
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Age:  17
Hometown:  West Bloomfield, MI
Years at Tavor:  9

Name:  Itamar Steiner (ET)
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Age:  19
Hometown:  Skokie, Illinois
Years at Tavor:  9

Stop: Photo Time
This week out campers ate at utensil village... we had a pasta bar with all the fixings... but no silverware :) They had to make due with ladles, spatulas, tongs, and whisks.
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If you couldn't use silverware at dinner, which of the following would you use instead?
Your Answers from Last Week
Camper Question: "Would you rather have a unicorn as a pet or be a unicorn?"

63% Pet unicorn
37% Be a unicorn
Check back here next week for the answer and another round of Campers Question!