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September 14, 2018
An Introduction from Amit
Randy Reminders
New Year-Round Programming
Special Happenings
Memories for Matt
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A Look Around Camp
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An Introduction from Amit
Shabbat Shalom!
Shana Tova!

As we begin the Jewish New Year and I reflect on this past year, I feel proud and fortunate to work with the Camp Tavor community toward our goal of empowering young people to build a more just and peaceful world. 

One of my favorite Jewish rituals is gathering together with friends and family for  Tashlich an opportunity to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the future.  Tashlich provides a beautiful opportunity to bring the spirit, creativity and togetherness of camp into our lives away from Three Rivers. 

As the heat calms, the leaves change, and we prepare to gather outdoors together under the stars for Sukkot, I hope you can find time with family and friends to honor the learning in this past year, and set goals for the year ahead. 

Whether you travel to a body of water and "cast off" challenges from this past year, or gather around a picnic table and share your hopes and dreams with your loved ones, I hope we can all start the year with a sense of community and support. 

I am looking so forward to being in community with you this year and hope our paths will cross during our upcoming year round , summer , or alumni programming .

With gratitude and peace,  
Amit Weitzer, Executive Director
Click HERE to learn more about the year-round staff
Randy Reminders
Hello Families!

With a new year comes a new website! We are so pleased to announce that we have redesigned WWW.CAMPTAVOR.ORG .

We are hoping the new site is easier to navigate and will provide even more information about our beloved camp!  

The website also now features a photo gallery, videos, music and links to all our newsletters.
You will also find all the new updated information for registering for summer 2019. This year we are offering more than just an early bird discount.

Register your camper before October 31st and you will also receive this Stainless Steel Camp Tavor water bottle as a gift.
New Year-Round Programming
Shana Tova Tavor!

As we feel the weather (hopefully) get a bit cooler and put away our summer clothes, I am happy I still get to think about camp so much. I am deeply proud to be writing to you all as I begin to transition away from my Rosh role and into my new job as the Rakezet Bonimot Tzedek.

For those who may be unfamiliar, Habonim Dror has been given the opportunity to expand our year-round programming by creating social justice based curriculum for high school aged Jewish youth.

The name of the program, “Bonimot Tzedek” translates directly to “Builders of Justice.” The intention of Bonimot Tzedek is to connect Jewish teens with community organizations in their hometowns that are doing justice work, learning organizing skills and working in solidarity with other groups.

I am so excited to be piloting this program for Tavor. My role as the Rakezet (organizer) is to find partnerships and facilitate the structural aspects of the Tzedek program. Every summer we hear a vocal desire from our campers to have programming during the year that connects to the values and fun they experience at camp. As we begin to put together the Tzedek program, our hope is to offer a tangible answer to that demand.

On a final note, as I reflect on this past summer and move into the new year, I want to highlight the value of growth. Camp is such a special place for many of us because it is something that remains constant and solid in the tumultuous experience of growing up. I feel immense gratitude for that constancy, and yet I know that in my time at Tavor, we have only gotten better- better at listening to the needs of our community, better at caring for our campers, and better at reflecting the world we want to see.

The reason I know we have gotten better is because I see so many ways we can still improve. I am so proud of the work we did caring for campers, and our work enriching our leadership training with new content and skill development opportunities for our tzevet (staff). We had a staff this past summer that was incredibly prepared and supported to care for our campers, and we will only get better. There is immense value in a community that doesn’t just see growth as a tool, but as a central tenet of our work. I hope you all continue to grow and learn with us in the coming year.

L’shana tova um’tuka
Zoe Friedland
Rosh 2018
Special Happenings
What a blessing as we start a new year to be able to reflect on the amazing summer we have shared together.

We hope the last days of summer have been as wonderful as the first and that you have filled the days with love and laughter before heading back to school.

In the days after our chanichimot (campers) returned home in August we were happy to host nearly two dozen families at Family Camp. It was a weekend filled with singing and dancing, sharing old memories and building new ones.

Click HERE for more details and photos highlighting our amazing Shabbat weekend.

We were excited to be a part of the 2018 Michigan Jewish Food Festival at the Eastern Market in Detroit.

Presented by Hazon, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet new potential families while also sharing memories with nearly half a dozen Camp Tavor Alumni who stopped by to say hello.

We were also thrilled to be a part of the Apples and Honey Event at the Ann Arbor JCC.

Again, meeting up with old friends and making new ones.

We asked folks to tell us how they were going to change the world this year. They wrote their answers down and it was strung together on a chain that will be hanging this year on the JCC Sukkah.
Camper Congratulations
Camp Tavor wants to share in all your events!
Be sure to send us family updates, Bar/Bat Mitzvah news, college announcements,
anything you would like to share with your family community.
Email with your stories and photos.
Memories for Matt
As we welcome this season of reflection, we want to take a special moment to share our endless gratitude to Matt Page for his 30+ years of commitment to Camp Tavor as our caretaker.

We are indebted to Matt for his contributions to our Camp Tavor home and wish him all the very best as he retires from the position and moves on to his next adventure. Chanichimot (campers, tzevet (staff) and Camp Committee members will be gathering during our upcoming Fall Seminar to share gratitude with Matt.

We know there are so many members of our community who have been impacted by Matt’s presence at Tavor and would like an opportunity to share their gratitude and well wishes.

If you would like some words of gratitude shared with Matt during our upcoming Fall Seminar gathering, please share them HERE before Sunday, September 23rd.
New Opportunities
As we share our gratitude with Matt Page, we also want to share our excitement to welcome a new partner to the Camp Tavor community.

We are beginning the search for the next Camp Tavor Property Manager, who will live on site year round and manage the maintenance of our beloved camp. Please share the posting with your networks!
Tasting Tavor
If you're looking to spice up your holiday table here is a tasty challah combination you could FALL for.

It's a pumpkin challah centerpiece with cinnamon honey butter. I have to confess I have not yet made this recipe from Tori Avey, but I plan to.

Click the link below for the recipe and step by step guide. Let us know how it turns out, remember share your photos with us!
A Look Around Camp
Send Us Your Photos
From the first day back to school to building your Sukkot or just trying out delicious new recipes, we want to see what you've been up to this month. Send Randy your photos and stories and we will share then online and you could be in the next newsletter!
With Yom Kippur just days away we wish you “Gemar chatimah tovah”  (גמר חתימה טובה), “A good final sealing.”