Time to Spring Clean your Giving Strategy
Financing Solutions Instead of Funding Problems
I know it is hard to think about spring when some of us are still sitting under a Polar Vortex, however, always the optimist, I am confident that the flowers will be blooming soon! And with that comes spring cleaning... and taxes

This issue of the Karma & Cents newsletter focuses on spring cleaning your charitable giving strategy and legacy plans. The articles featured below range in topics on the types of conversations to have with your advisors about your tax planning to documents you should have organized in case of an emergency.

As always, if we can be of service, either Richard Ouellette or Gena Rotstein would be happy to sit down with you, your family and your advisors for a complimentary session to discuss strategic philanthropy, legacy planning and impact investing. Feel free to call or email us anytime!

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This post looks at how you apply the concepts of tax and wealth planning to creating a living legacy. Specifically looking at the inter-generational conversations and how to engage your advisors in meaningful conversations about philanthropy, legacy, and impact investing.

On March 12th and 14th, in partnership with the Alberta Business Family Institute (ABFI) at the University of Alberta we will be running a workshop for families who are looking at formalizing their giving.

About the workshop:
Managing the Family Foundation or Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is just like managing an operating business. Strategic decisions need to be made to transition the wealth as well as to give money away without creating additional challenges in the community.

In this session we will focus on where the “disconnect” occurs and provide advisors with tools and resources to engage and carry the philanthropic conversation to the next level. We will also provide families with information to further engage their advisors in meaningful conversations around philanthropy and social capital management.
Four Green boxes on Parquet Floor
The Greenbox Exercise
We work closely with a number advisors and family offices. One firm, based out of Winnipeg, and Calgary, is Blackwood Family Enterprises .

They have an exercise they run their families through is the Greenbox Exercise. As the story goes, a father who is a well-seasoned pilot and successful businessman was preparing for a flight. It turned out his flight path was into a storm, but rather than not fly he informed his son that should anything happen to look for the Greenbox in the closet.

Click the link below to find out what was in the Greenbox and consider what you would put in your Greenbox.

Give for Generations – Philanthropy 3.0 Video Series
Recently Gena was interviewed by Mike Deboski and the Give for Generations group on NextGen Philanthropy and building family giving strategies.

In the  first video Gena discusses some key concepts in working with socially responsible, entrepreneurial families.

The  second video  explores issues and opportunities facing the Rising Generation and how they are influencing the philanthropic sector.

In the  third video  we explore the topic of Family Conversations and creating a living legacy.
12 Concepts that Lead to
Social Impact Success
Financial Planning Pyramid
Financial Planning Cycle
Financial Literacy & Values Based Wealth Planning
When you first sit down with a financial advisor they will likely walk you through some sort of financial planning pyramid model that talks about taking care of your personal wealth first, and as your wealth accumulates you can start planning for your family and then your community.

This makes perfectly logical sense, however if you don’t ground that pyramid in your core values and understand WHY you are planning what you are planning beyond the financial return you may fall into one of many pitfalls that come later in your estate planning. 

Instead of looking at your financial plan as a pyramid with your estate and legacy at the top, at the smallest point, consider looking at your plan as a circle.