Newsletter Issue: Vol 10 Issue 4
April 2021
Financial Deadlines and Figures for 2021
Need to know tax deadlines in 2021? Want to know Federal income tax brackets and rates? Need to plan contributions to your retirement plan and want to know the limits? This and other essential financial information can be found here. You may print this PDF for your reference. If you need this information in the future, you may find it on our website’s home page under Resources.
Giving Your Brain a Break
Staying focused can be challenging at the best of times. NPR has the scoop on how you can make the most of your cognitive energy, while scheduling time to relax: 
Monthly Economic Update
Stocks posted solid gains due to improving economic conditions and widening vaccination programs. However, tech and high-growth stocks played a limited role in the rally. Despite the choppiness of the closing days of trading, stocks ended on a strong note to cap an otherwise good month for investors.
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