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May 31:
Illinois General Assembly scheduled spring session adjournment date.
May 31, 2019
State and Local Tax  
May 31 evening edition

Illinois General Assembly
Today was scheduled to be the last day of the spring legislative session. The Speaker of the House announced that the House will be in session this weekend through Sunday. 

The House is scheduled to return tomorrow at 10:00.

Budget and capital bills:

HB 62 - Senate amendments 1 and 2 -  capital bill appropriations bill - passed the Senate

HB 142 -Senate amendment 1 - bonding authorization bill - passed the Senate

HB 816 - Senate amendment 1 - budget implementation bill - passed the Senate

HB 3096 - Senate amendment 2 - operating budget bill - passed the Senate

SB 262 - House amendment 1 - FY 20 appropriations bill for the operating budget. This bill passed the House tonight with a number of Republican votes, including Leader Durkin. This bill passed the Senate.

SB 689 - House amendment 2 - House version of the revenue bill for the operating budget appropriations bill (SB 262) 

SB 690 - House amendment 2 - revenue bill for the "vertical" portion of the capital bill. The bill was considered in House Executive committee.  The Chamber filed a witness slip in opposition to the bill.

SB 1814 - House amendment 1 - budget implementation bill (BIMP)

Tax-related legislation passed both Houses today
SB 687 - The legislation imposes graduated income tax rates effective January 2021, if the the constitutional amendment authorizing graduated rates is approved by the voters.

SB 39 -   As amended it amends the State Finance Act. Creates the Illinois Property Tax Relief Fund. Provides that moneys in the Illinois Property Tax Relief Fund shall be used to pay rebates to residential property taxpayers in the State. 

SB 1515 - Provides that, for purposes of being liable for income tax, compensation is paid in this State if some of the individual's service is performed within this State, the individual's service performed within this State is nonincidental to the individual's service performed without this State, and the individual's service is performed within this State for more than 30 working days during the tax year. Defines terms. Contains provisions concerning the calculation of compensation paid in this State if the employer maintains a time and attendance system.

SB 1932 -  As amended it amends the Property Tax Code to create the Property Tax Relief Task Force.

HB 833 - Amends the Property Tax Code. Provides that, in a county with 3,000,000 or more inhabitants, for taxable years 2020 through 2024, a taxpayer who has been granted a senior citizens homestead exemption need not reapply (currently, the taxpayer must reapply annually).

HB 1438  - The recreational cannabis legalization bill.

House Revenue committee
The House Revenue committee met today. The committee considered amendments to HB 925.  The committee voted to concur with Senate amendments to the Mobile Home Park Act. 

Senate Revenue committee
The Senate Revenue committee did not meet today.

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