Beware of Solicitation Regarding
NYS Biennial Statement

We want to draw your attention to an unwanted solicitation your business may receive. In this example, Workplace Compliance Services offers to file your NYS Biennial Statement, which is required to be filed by NYS Limited Liability Companies (LLC).  The solicitation offers to assist in filing this statement for a $90 fee. 

We want you to be aware that:
  • There is no requirement to use this company to complete your statement.
  • NYS will email you the required form, which is very simple to file on your own. If you have not previously provided NYS with an email address to file with, click here.
  • The filing fee charged by NYS is only $9.
It is clear that this company, as well as other similar companies, are trying to trick people into paying them a higher fee by sending businesses what looks like an official form.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this matter. 

Very truly yours,

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