Dec. 2017
Tax Reform: A Real Cohn Job
By John Fullerton
It seems that Gary Cohn, a trader and former heir apparent at Goldman Sachs--a life-long Democrat, let's recall--and currently Trump's chief economic advisor, is heading for an early exit. 

After whiffing on his near-decision to resign on principle when Trump equated the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville with the demonstrators resisting the torch march, he naturally fell out of favor with Trump when he later aired opinion on Charlottesville with The Financial Times.  Bye-bye, Fed Chairmanship.  

He reportedly decided to stay on the job out of "duty to country," which he is manifesting by pushing the charade called "tax reform" -- a brazen power grab by the powerful, and a direct assault on his middle-class childhood friends from Ohio where he grew up.

The Latest From the Field Guide 
By Susan Arterian Chang
BCoop's Quest for Reliable Prosperity in Brooklyn

Samira Rajan is an intuitively regenerative banker helping BCoop's members build and retain more of their hard-earned wealth, and keep it circulating, inside the neighborhoods the credit union serves.

Tamar Grow Local

Building on the Tamar River Valley's rich agricultural history, Tamar Grow Local's goal is to revitalize the local food economy by addressing the barriers to enterprise success experienced by small-scale farmers in this Southwest region of England.

Hot Bread Kitchen

Under NYC's Metro North Railroad's elevated tracks, hope is rising along with what's baking in the ovens as women acquire skills to launch careers and fledging entrepreneurs grow businesses in one of the world's most competitive food capitals.

New Team Member

The Capital Institute team is excited to welcome Stuart Cowan to the organization as its first Director of Regenerative Development. In his role, Stuart will be working to identify and support regenerative community hubs grounded in culture and place.

Learn more about Stuart on our Team Page
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This must-read report from the Global Alliance for Banking on Values presents research on banking performance and examines how a focus on the real economy with a dedication to supporting economic, social, and environmental impact delivers steady financial returns.

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"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed."
- Mahatma Gandhi  
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