Volume 01 | January 2020
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Volume 1 | Issue 3
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Making a Profit from a Non-Profit
Movita Johnson-Harrell, a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, has resigned from office after being accused of using funds for personal items from a non-profit she created to help people struggling with addiction, poverty and mental illness. She founded the non-profit, Motivations, Education & Consultation Associates (MECA), after losing four family members, her father, brother, cousin and son, to gun violence.

Johnson-Harrell is alleged to have spent more than $500,000 from the charity’s bank accounts to pay for vacations, private school tuition for her grandchildren, designer clothes, matching furs for her and her husband, and a Porsche. She also funneled money from the account into her state representative campaign. The disgraced politician took money from her clients’ government benefits, which the non-profit controlled to provide housing, and then covered it up by lying on her personal financial records, those of the non-profit and her campaign.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro claims that Johnson-Harrell committed tax fraud when she failed to report her MECA spending as income. In addition to making direct transfers to her bank account, Johnson-Harrell wrote numerous checks made out to ‘cash’ whenever she needed extra money. Johnson-Harrell is awaiting trial.

Did You Know?
In Alaska, some whaling captains can deduct up to $10,000 for whaling related expenses. In Hawaii, property owners may be able to deduct up to $3,000 in expenses related to maintaining a tree that has historic or cultural value.
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Question: I own a small business and in order to keep afloat, I did not pay the IRS for my employee’s withholding taxes for a few years. How much trouble will I be in?

Answer: Owing 941 payroll taxes is very different than owing personal 1040 income taxes. Not only can the IRS shut down your business, they can come after you personally, levy your bank accounts, take your receivables and seize your property including your house. Scarier still is that it could turn into a criminal matter. Why? Because the money has already been deducted from your employee’s payroll checks; so it’s not your money to begin with! The IRS looks at this as if you stole their money.

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