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    Happy New Year!
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Federal tax filing season begins January 23 this year, and our  Tax Organizers are being sent this week. For security purposes, these will be sent via PORTAL (unless you've requested otherwise), and you will receive an email notification from 
e-file@bouldercpas.com   If you don't have a registered portal yet, you can easily register when you receive the notification.  You can also log in to your portal and find Portal FAQ's on our website, or contact Katie for assistance.
Once you access your Organizer, grab a nice latte, gather up your supporting documents, and spend some quality time filling it out as best you can.  You can save it and return back to it, but you can only send us the Organizer  once.  You will be locked out of editing the Organizer after you click "Send to Preparer. You can also attach forms to the Organizer, or you can send us documents via File Exchange (you can upload multiple files at once to the Source Documents folder). Please do NOT send us pictures taken with your phone.

We will also need you to sign and return the  Engagement Letter , which shows as an "Actionable Item" on your portal. New this year is an option for  e-signatures so you don't have to print out the forms to sign them.  More on this next time! 
In case you missed it, all Forms W-2, W-3, 1099 and 1096 must be filed by  January 31.

Form 1065 for LLC's and Partnerships are due a month earlier than prior years on  March 15, so we need all your information to us by  February1   (this  is the same deadline for Form 1120S for 

Be sure to stay tuned for more tax filing updates during the next few months.  We look forward to working with you!
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Boulder CPA Group