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Yes, it's Tax Time once again!


The RRSP season is almost over, and after March 1st, it is that time of the year to focus on preparing your 2012 tax return.


Truth be told, unless you're expecting a significant tax refund, there is no real rush to file your return early. The April 30 deadline is still 10 weeks away. In fact, taxpayers who owe significant sums of tax for 2012, to avoid parting ways with their cash too early, may wish to wait until the last minute to file and pay any balance owing.


In some cases, waiting until you have received all of your tax slips and receipts will negate having to file adjustments to your return at a later time. Most tax slips, such as T4s and T5s, have a Feb. 28 issuance deadline, meaning that they should be in your hands by very early March.


Our advice is that if you are expecting a tax refund, file your income tax as early as mid-March, by then you should have received all your tax slips. By filing your tax return in March, you will receive your refund quickly! (Sometimes within 7-10 days).

Even if you will owe tax this year, you should not leave your income tax filing for the last minute. As most of the tax specialists and accounting firms are so busy in April, you may be forced to file your return after the April 30 deadline and end up incurring penalties and interest for late filing.




Mahtab Saghafi
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