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  Article one discusse s types of entities that qualify for the Sec. 199A business deduction   and Article two talks about ways to maximize your Social Security benefits.

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What Entities Qualify for the New Sec 199A Business Writeoff?

In 2018, a new tax write-off has been created for qualifying businesses - the Section 199A Business Deduction.

This deduction equates to 20% of Qualified Business Income assuming you meet income and salary limitations.  Also, shareholder reasonable compensation, interest, dividends and capital gains and losses don't qualify. But if you meet these requirements, exactly what entities and businesses have Qualified Business Income?  Based on my research, here are the qualifying businesses: 

1. Sole Proprietorships - Schedule Cs.

2. Individual Owners of Rental Properties - Schedule Es.

3. S-Corporations (net of reasonable compensation to shareholders.) 

4. Partnerships and LLCs (on form 1065.)

5. Trusts having business income or Rental Property income. 

6. S-Corporations, Partnerships and Trusts owning any of the above pass-through entities (future regulations will give guidance on how to determine the deduction in case of tiered entities.)

Basically, any non-C-Corporation will probably qualify for the Section 199A deduction.  It is interesting that rental property income will qualify for this tax benefit. 

What it means is that with proper planning, the new deduction can significantly benefit many types of small businesses going forward.

So now you have the information; now you need to see your tax preparer to see how this will benefit you and your business(es).

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Accounting Employment Opportunities  

Pauline Casbon of Casbon & Associates, LLC is a professional recruiter I have known for quite a while. She is very professional and can help accountants looking for work get a new position as well as find accounting professionals for business and industry.
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Tax Managers, CPAs needed for Brentwood, West Los Angeles and Century City. 
Account Manager for Encino, Beverly Hills, Century City and Westwood. Salary range of 100k plus benefits. Datafaction required.

Tax Manager with business management accounting industry experience required to handle tax planning.  Up to $150k. Salary commensurate with experience plus excellent benefits. Brentwood.

Tax Manager, CPA for Century City. Salary range of $200k with great benefits!
Bookkeeper for West Los Angeles with Business Management accounting experience, Datafaction imaging required. Looking for an employee who can step into an Account Manager position in approximately one year.

Staff Accountant required to join their other young team of accountants for a business management accounting firm handling high net worth individuals in the entertainment industry, great opportunity, career path offering salary up to $80k commensurate with experience, plus OT and bonus. Business Management accounting experience preferred. Encino.

Account Managers for business management accounting firm. Datafaction imaging required. Excellent opportunity, competitive salary and benefits. Located in West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Century City, Westwood and Encino.

Assistant Bookkeeper and Bookkeepers for business management accounting firms in Century City, Beverly Hills, Westwood, West Los Angeles Santa Monica and Encino. Opportunity for great career path in business management, salary up to $55k plus commensurate with experience. Datafaction required.

Internal Controls/Audit. CPA preferred and previous experience in an accounting firm or business management accounting firm.  Salary range from $66k plus great benefits.

Audit Senior/Manager, CPA for Century City, Arcadia and West Los Angeles. Competitive salary and good benefits. Career path opportunity!!

Tax Accountant, CPA for prestigious firm in Century City and Encino, definite opportunity for career path. Business management accounting industry preferred.

Bookkeeper for CPA firm located in West Los Angeles, must be full charge. Salary range $55k to $70k plus benefits, looking for an employee after tax season.

Tax Senior, CPA for prestigious CPA firm in Century City. Salary competitive and commensurate with experience. 85K plus.

Tax Seniors for West LA, Century City, San Fernando Valley and the San Gabriel Valley; CPA firm and Business Management Accounting firm, seeking potential employees looking for a career path!

Business Manager for Bus. Management accounting firm to become a Partner.  Century City. CPA Certification required.
 Two Audit Seniors for CPA firm located in Santa Monica and Century City. Career path opportunities.
Tax Accountant for Century City and Encino 1 to 2 years experience of tax preparation with a CPA firm and/or Business Management accounting firm.

Business Managers for Century City and Encino, handling tax and account management responsibilities. $130k plus benefits. Datafaction preferred.
Royalty Analyst required for firm located in Encino. 

Looking for immediate hires! 
I am looking to expand my client base, if you would like further information regarding my staffing services, please do not hesitate to call.  I am happy to visit your office which helps me gain an even better understanding of your firm's culture and staffing requirements.  Please review my website at

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Call 310 859 3805 for further information.  Send resume(s) as a word attachment to :

Three Tips to Maximize Your Social Security
Social security is one of those topics that seems to be minimized by statements like, "You can't count on it," and "By the time you reach retirement age, it won't matter." Those statements are not only incorrect; they contribute toward a lack of education on what's possible.
Social security is still a large part of how most seniors will be able to fund their final 20 to 30 years of life.  The options we take toward claiming the benefits that are rightly ours are often permanent and can affect our lives and our finances significantly, often by tens of thousands of dollars.
No matter your age today, here are three things you'll want to dive deeper into when the time is right for you. 
Claim date
For retirement purposes, most people will claim their social security payouts any time from age 62 to age 70. It's your choice to decide when you make the claim and start your benefits. But, and it's a very big but, the amount you get each month will vary depending on your claim date. Generally, the later you wait, the higher your payout will be. 
The federal retirement age for social security purposes depends on when you were born and creeps up a little each year. If you were born in 1954, your retirement age is 66 years old. If you file your social security claim on your retirement age, you'll get 100 percent of your benefit. If you claim at 70, you'll get 132 percent of your benefit, which can make a huge difference in payout over your lifetime: tens of thousands of dollars of difference.  If you claim early at age 62, you'll get far less.  
Your social security income may be taxable if you earn income in the same years you are collecting social security and if you surpass an earnings threshold. This takes many seniors by surprise. There are ways to plan for this, and they are so specific to each family circumstance and often so complicated that software has been developed to calculate all of the situations. 
The amount of your social security payment is affected by dozens of factors, including family members' ages, how much they paid into social security, pensions, previous marriages, and disabilities, to name a few.  If any of your family members are disabled, there are payments for that in some cases. 
If you are divorced and were married for more than 10 years, you are eligible for spousal benefits.  And if you are married, you are also eligible for spousal benefits. If your spouse has passed away, you are eligible for survival benefits, which could increase an existing payment if your spouse earned more than you did. 

Social security is clearly a topic where you don't know what you don't know. It's so complex at this point that most people should work with an advisor that has software that can show multiple claiming options that optimize their lifetime payout or meet their financial retirement goals.

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