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April 2019
Delaying IRA distributions could have consequences

In the pursuit of retirement savings, individuals often strive toward maximum "pre-tax" retirement plan contributions and delay of traditional IRA distributions. 

For some taxpayers, the strategy of delaying traditional IRA distributions could result in more taxes than expected...

Decisions about money aren't always rational, even when we think we're acting logical ly.  C ommon tendencies th at make us our own worst e n emies when investing inc l ude:
  • Selling winning investments too soon.
  • Holding onto losers for too long.
  • Loading up on too-similar assets.
  • Failing to assess the future implications of today's decisions.
Researchers have found dozens of unconsci ous bi ases that can drive peo ple to make money d ecisions th ey later regret

Here are some c ommon h uman er ro rs in inves ting , w it h s t rateg i es to overco me th e m...
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Future Retirees Focus on taxes

In the past, retirees relied on their accountants for tax advice. But future retirees increasingly are looking to their financial advisers for guidance on how to  maximize
their spendable retirement income by  minimizing their taxes.

Choose your stocks with no regrets.
A note from the Accounting Professor

A TV personality on one of the major networks shamelessly extols the virtues of one company, in particular. His website discloses that his family trust holds the company's stock, but he never mentions that on TV.

We refrain from naming the company to keep the analysis free of emotion and bias. Suffice it to say that those who held their noses and bought the stock are smiling.

So, what's with our skepticism?
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