Tax season. Cold cows. Board leadership. And your Valentine's Day heart. It's all good.
Knowledge for Life e-News          February 2016
February is a fun month: Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, the birds start their mating rituals with song, day's are getting longer and our thoughts turn to getting back into the garden. Tax preparation? Not fun. (But these tips make it easier.) So here's some ideas for celebrating Love's special day and embracing the month of February.
Heart Healthy Nuts and Fish for Valentine's Day
We're hearing a lot about the benefits of nuts and fish in nutrition news. Instead of a steak dinner this Valentine’s Day, why not treat your sweetheart to a more healthier fare?
Making Fish Less Fishy
We all know we should eat more fish. But do you hesitate at the idea of preparing and consuming it? Here are some ways to select and prepare fish.
Choosing an Income Tax Preparer
A recent survey found that people who work with a tax expert got an average of $840 more back in their refund than the average self-filer. If you're done with DIY  consider these things before hiring a tax professional.
Free Tax Preparation
If your household income was $54,000 or less in 2015 you are eligible to get your state and federal income tax returns completed and e-filed FREE of charge.

Steer in Snow
Provide Cold Cows More Energy
We never think about it but for cattle owners weather can be one of the greatest challenges of managing cows during the winter. Find out how to provide the needed extra energy during cold snaps.

Ag Manager a Great Resource for Farm Leasing 
Working out farm leasing arrangements doesn’t have to be complicated. But it can certainly end in a disaster if you don’t think through some of the common issues that arise. AG Manager can guide you.
Board Leadership Skills Workshop
If you’re new to serving on a board, you may have some questions about your role and responsibilities. Even experienced boards face challenges. This workshop is designed to provide basic training for members of community-based boards
The Value of After School Programs
Skills in science, technology, engineering and math pave the way for future job seekers (STEM). We are conducting Environmental Explorers 4-H Club, an after school program at Hocker Grove Middle School.
JCEEF Announces Grant Opportunity for 2016
Once a year the Foundation makes funding available to assist with individual or group projects. If you are affiliated with Johnson County K-State Research and Extension you may apply for a grant. Application details are here.
Starting Your Own Seeds
It may be cold outside, but that doesn't mean you can´t start preparing for your spring garden. Here's how to get started growing your own plants from seed.
Dormant Grass Seeding, Is an Option But Results May Vary
Planting grass seed during the dormant season is often referred to as winter or snow seeding. But does it work? Find out the steps to increase your chances for success.

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