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February 2018
Tax-Free Retirement: What if you could change your money from forever taxed to Never Taxed?

With ballooning annual deficits, unfunded liabilities, and entitlement programs, our country is probably headed toward stifling taxes in the future. Do you have a plan to deal with the possibility of tax increases that will be needed to pay for these programs?
How and why Indexed Universal Life really works

We are often asked by our clients, "How can the insurance company afford such generous caps and floors in their indexed universal life policies?" (Many insurance producers themselves may ponder the same question.) 

We may even take it a step further and wonder, if the insurance company can do this in a life insurance policy, shouldn't we be able to do this in our own investment portfolios without the insurance fees associated with the policy? 

The Accounting Professor:

Our investments in equities are preceded by thorough due diligence. Once a stock passes our rigorous vetting process and we buy the stock, we hold the equity for a very long time.

We search high and low for what is commonly referred to as buy-and-never-sell stocks. However, this does not mean that we are inflexible. Here is an example that conveys this approach to investing.

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Is an  Annuity the answer you've been looking for?

If you would like to know how an annuity might enhance your retirement portfolio, w atch the video link below.
Request a consultation to discuss the following:
  1. How are the annuity's principal and any credited interest protected?
  2. How can this product provide income for life and assist with the rising cost of living?
  3. What backs up any guarantees available with this product?
  4. What else should I consider that might impact my retirement?
Don't let market volatility wreck your retirement portfolio
How much risk are you willing to take?

Time and again, we'll find that people never made the switch from the accumulation phase of their investment cycle to the preservation phase that is so important in retirement. They're taking a lot more risk than they realize- and much more than they actually want.
When an RMD knocks you in range of the Social Security "Tax Torpedo"

When taxpayers fall within range of the Social Security "Tax Torpedo", their tax rate suddenly increases by as much as 85 percent. This torpedo also stands to nip more and more retirees in the bud as each year passes.  But it doesn't get much attention, for several reasons...