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Dear Team Accent,

We trust this finds you and yours well and proactively dealing with the tax season, on purpose! 

With deference to our new Team Members, here is a reiteration of the guidelines for the AAL.

The Accent Accounting League - 
The Accent Accounting League an excellent vehicle to help drive our team to consistently progress toward our overarching goal on a daily basis. And when the actual definition of a "League" comes into clearer focus, the beauty of this program truly begins to shine.
league 1        / lig / Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation [ leeg ] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation noun, verb, leagued, lea¬∑guing.
a covenant or compact made between persons, parties, states, etc., for the promotion or maintenance of common interests or for mutual assistance or service.
The Concept
Accent is a championship team as a singular unit. However, as with any winning team, there are ongoing moments of "practice" and scrimmages, and depth charts, and rewards and incentive-laden bonuses for outstanding performance. The "game" to be won is the one we are waging against our competitors. Our "practices", if you will, are our guiding principles and our unique approach to business, corporate culture and client services.
Red and Gray Squads
Two squads (the Red and Gray Squads) have been formed to "practice" and perform at peak proficiency. Team members are assigned to either the Red or Gray Squad.  
This motivational, incentive-based program rewards team members for excellence and exemplary participation as we continue to increase the morale and culture of Accent Accounting. Being eligible for significant cash awards, extra vacation time, and the other prizes are added bonuses beyond the normal compensation as an employee (now known as a "teammate") for the Accent Accounting team. Ongoing Life Coaching and posts with the team members about how to "compete" effectively in the workplace, as well as in life, will have a continued beneficial effect on our team.    
Points Awarded
During the course of each quarter of the year AAL scores are kept and tabulated as team members earn points for themselves and their respective squads.
Scoring Breakdown
Possible Daily Points Awarded:
One-Time Attendance - 100,000
Accent Facebook Page "Like" - 100,000
Daily Post "Like" - 100,000
Daily Post "Share" - 100,000
Accepted Invitation by a Facebook Friend to "Like" the Accent Page - 500,000
Accepted and Shared Facebook Post - 500,000
Stress Management Exercise at Work - 100,000/each time
Continuous Improvement Ideas - 500,000
Accepted C.I.I. - 500,000
Facilitated C.I.I. - 500,000
Individual daily "scorecards" will be kept by the individual teammate, totaled then turned in at the end of the week to squads "captain".    
Earned Reward Opportunities
Every team member on the squad who is leading at the end of the current quarter will have an opportunity to win significant prizes. And EVERY team member, regardless of which squad they are on, may qualify to have the opportunity win other prizes for outstanding performances in individually based categories.
No "Defense" Allowed
Points once earned should never have to be deducted in the overall Accent Accounting League Standings. However, to help eliminate the potential for cheating, there will be highly punitive point deductions for any team member caught cheating.
The AAL is an "offensive", proactive, reward-based program. This is why points are only awarded for accomplishment and not deducted for falling short. However, as with any competitive environment, the potential for "defensive" strategies will be present. So, the penalty for "defensive" actions (cheating) will be such that there is little motivation to cheat.

We have faith!.
Continuous Improvement Ideas

Continuous Improvement -  It's what's it's all about!

At Accent, we recognize it, incentivize it and reward it.  A Continuous Improvement Idea is any idea which will potentially improve any aspect of Accent Chartered Professional Accountants. From work processes to public relations to personnel suggestions to pictures on the walls, everything is fair game to improve our game.

Here is the Continuous Improvement Ideas Process:
1. Teammate has an idea.
2.Teammate completes C.I.I. Form (See link below).
3. Form is forwarded to Howard.
4, Partners Review, Accept or Reject Idea.
5. Howard replies to Teammate with Decision, Explanation, and Thoughts on what needs to happen to implement.
6.Sender (and their Squad) Receive 500,000 points per idea, 500,000 points for approved C.I.I. and 1,000,000 points for facilitating completion of improvement.
Please click here to receive your C.I.I Form and get going TODAY!  E-mail or call Glenn with any questions or comments about anything: 813-363-9545.
Final First Quarter Squad Score
Gray - 4,400,000   Red - 3,420,000

The individual final scores and prizes will be revealed at our upcoming AAL Special Event (TBD).

In the meantime, keep racking up those scores, get your points your respective captain and call or email Glenn with any questions about anything and for any help you may need professionally or personally.
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