You're not supposed to know my name or see my face. My job is to remain anonymous, wearing a hidden camera to document what the meat, egg, and dairy industries don't want you to see.    


But last month, after I blew the whistle on a Colorado facility that was abusing newborn calves, local authorities retaliated. Even though I merely witnessed others committing violence against animals,

I was charged with a crime.


And now I'll be standing trial. 


Simply put, the meat industry is trying to silence me, and they want to silence you, too.  


The violence against calves that I documented and reported to local authorities was so egregious, three workers from the facility were charged with criminal cruelty to animals − and now I'm being punished because I told the truth about the cruelty that took place at this facility.


By publicly revealing my identity, they may have stopped me from going undercover in the future, but I won't let them silence me  and we can't let them silence you, either.


Please stand with me and donate to Compassion Over Killing today so our team of investigators can keep our hidden cameras rolling  and continue uncovering exactly what the meat industry doesn't want the world to see: the truth.


Thank you for being a voice for animals  and for your commitment to compassion.    

  For the animals,

  Taylor Radig 

  Undercover Investigator  
  Compassion Over Killing

P.S. After watching COK's year-end video, please also sign this Change.org petition launched by a concerned Colorado resident.