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Support When It's Needed Most
Stephen and Jen felt in over their heads after having their first child. They lacked the solid support network necessary to help them learn the best way to care for their baby, Chloe. Until they could build the skills they needed to care for her, she was placed in a foster home. Thankfully, our solution-based casework model helped bring their daughter home. 
We're Star-Struck!

Taylor Swift (yes , that Taylor Swift) played a giant concert at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City over the weekend. She and her road crew declined gifts and swag from the venue, requesting that the proceeds be donated to support our children in foster care. Thanks Taylor, for helping us continue to keep children safe and families together!
Helping Children Find
Loving Homes

Kim Osborn (left) and Nicole Newton (right), our home finding staff, have been knocking it out of the park with a 94.6% success rate of finding homes for children in need during the month of July. Two other team members, Mary Ann Shaw and Pam Resz, have answered 801 calls from the community about becoming foster care families in 2018. It takes a team to place children in homes that will be a good fit, and we couldn’t be more proud of our staff!
Did You Know?

Missouri has been experiencing an upward trend in children entering the foster care system for the past several years. Unfortunately, the growth of foster homes has not kept pace. We've been busy holding informational sessions for people wanting to learn more about becoming foster parents. Interested in attending one? Here's where the next ones are taking place .
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