Georgia on God's mind! ( part 2)!
Tbilisi church is truly the light and the salt!
Pastor Mamuka and his wife Eka are my dearest old friends ! Together we worked for over 20 years in reaching villages of Georgia !
5 vans were donated to their evangelists to be able to travel to the most remote areas to preach the Gospel!
Their church went through a lot - government persecutions in the early 90-ties and Orthodox Church priests' persecutions.
Today God lifted this church up as the light and the salt of the world! A lot of young people, full of the life of God and people are p racticing their redemptive rights to walk in divine healing. Jesus is truly the head of church !
Click on the link to watch great Tbilisi praise and worship team!
Praying with pastor Mamuka for healing on Sunday service!
Investing into the future!

2 days I was teaching at Tbilisi Bible school! Students were very EXCITED and READY to win Georgia for the Lord!