Tea Love in the Time of COVID 19

We know you guys are readers and many of you will find that as hilarious we did. With all that's going on, keeping our sense of humor and our tea cups full are top priorities as we all do our part to mitigate this crisis!

  We are O P E N
with a few adjustments

You may be surprised to learn TEA and our other related consumable products; cookies, scone mixes, chai mixes, honey, matcha etc. are grocery items as mandated by the Mo Dept of Revenue by virtue of how they are taxed. So, thankfully we remain open and continue to have the opportunity to be a part of how you and your family stay happy and well.
I know these are challenging times and my heart goes out to all those suffering with illness, loss, economic hardship and isolation. I've been overwhelmed by your encouraging phone calls, emails and tenacious support. You've given me the strength to carry on in the face of what is, and what may come. It is with humble gratitude, we press on...
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU,
Stacie and the Tea Market Team!
Open Regular days and hours; Come in as usual or call in an order for curbside pick up or Priority Mail

We've made a few adjustments, in addition to hyper vigilant cleanliness protocols, to comply with CDC regulations and to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Here's what you need to know.
  • No sniffers ~ Tea Market is now a "no touch" zone, but you are welcome to browse and look all you want, don't worry we'll help you find exactly what you're looking for
  • Call in orders welcome ~ Please call 816-822-9832 to place an order for curbside pick up or shipping via Priority Mail
  • Refills ~ We'll happily weigh up your favorites but, are asking you to hang on to those tins for another day and are putting tea in bags for you to eliminate surface touching. You still get your discount.
  • Distancing in the shop ~ maintain 6' between persons, (including us:) which may mean waiting outside a minute if 4 people are already inside.
  • Video ~ Click on the top pic or this link for a video walk you through of every thing you need to know VIDEO

Curbside Pick up
2 - Ways!
  1. Call, place your order. We'll process your credit card over the phone, email you a receipt and prepare and bag your order and place it on our table at the front of the shop. It will have your name on it and you can pop in, say HI and grab your bag and go!
  2. Same as above. Tea Market's phone is a cell phone and you can simply text us at 816-822-9832, let us know you've arrived and we will bring your bag right to your car or set it outside for you.

While we are happy to ship orders Priority Mail, curbside pick up is FREE and let's you get out for a drive at least and if you know what time you're arriving or let us know you are on your way, we are happy to make you a yummy tea-to-go from Tea Bar you can pick up with your order!
We're all in this together, please stay safe and let us know of ANY way we be of service to YOU!