In addition ...

Picts and videos of our 3rd Freedomworks Trip to Mark Meadows office and our fellow activists lobbying Tillis and Burr too! #DontCapMyCare

We have AR-15 raffle books too!

Depending on what happens in Raleigh on Monday with voter ID bills, we may ask Jay Delancy of VIP to join us.

Please watch for CCNC RED ALERT!
Asheville Tea Party Meeting at 6PM at Mills River Restaurant, 4467 Boylston Hwy, Mills River, NC 28759 .


No. We're not going to ask you to cut up your phone!

Besides updates on the Voter ID on Absentee Ballots (SB 250 and SB 683 - not over yet), we will be making centerpieces for the 2020 Victory Dinner on October 12th. Should be fun and you can show off your creativity.

Bring your phones too! We are growing and we have 'Likes' for you.

Great updates on how we're growing!!


Great Food, Drinks and Some of the Biggest Names in NC Politics!

#DontCapMyCare. #DontSocializeMyMedicine. #FixPatientsNotPrices.
Please Take Action here to stop DC from adopting European price controls.

GOA: Email NEW letters to Republican Senators and President Trump -- warning them that Americans will not reward them with reelection if they vote to slice up the Second Amendment!
In an ongoing effort to educate and inform every voter in North Carolina about voter ID requirements, the State Board of Elections will hold public meetings in every county in the state to provide information to voters and answer any questions they may have.

Buncombe County Educational Seminars on Voter ID Requirement to be Held Aug. 28  2 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 28, at the Mission Health/AB-Tech Conference Center, 16 Fernihurst Drive, Asheville, NC 28801.

Henderson County seminars will be held at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 29 at the Board of Elections Office located at 75 E. Central St., Hendersonville. (Attend 1PM before our Tea Time Meeting. See you there.)

For more information, call 828-697-4970. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

News You Need To Know
This Week!
Asheville Land of Fruits and Nuts.
In Case You Missed It!

"Stay away from downtown this Saturday unless you want to see the Annual Titty Fest, Asheville Topless Returns!   They're at it again, bouncing around and showing they're a viable participant on the national boob map!" Thanks, Aaron Olis. Love the analysis!

More Evil Progressive Fails

So you want to send your kid to college ... Daily Signal: Preferred Pronouns and More: What a Mom Saw at Her Son’s College Orientation at VA Tech, no less.

Some Good News

2A Win!

Pro Life/Marriage

Red Right Videos: Pro-lifers have been calling for it.And Donald Trump has been saying that he’s going to do it. Well, that moment has finally come. President Trump has just officially defunded Planned Parenthood.

Capitol Hill Brief:

Electoral College

Federal court undercuts progressive efforts to nullify Electoral College, rules electors can vote freely. Video Fox News

Swamp Rats

Great articles and news stories from reliable news sources.
Heritage Action for America Updates and Action This Week.

Planned Parenthood, Born Alive Bill and Universal Background Checks need your attention. Read more here.
Freedomworks Activists have been busy lobbying in DC and here in NC at Senator and Congressmen offices. #DontCapMyCare. #DontSocializeMyMedicine. Wednesday, August 21st was a Digital Day of Action Tweet Fest that supported our fellow lobbying activists. NC 11 made our third trip to Congressman Mark Meadows office too.

We will have picts and videos of visits as well as hand outs at 6PM at Tea Time 8/29 at Mills River Restaurant.
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So, what is going on in your town, your county, your neighborhood that your neighbors need to know about and/or need to act upon or celebrate!   Get the details here. Hope to hear from you soon.

Join the group. Submit your news and Red Action Alerts! to

Thank you Sue Butcher, Chair of Liberty First, for attending the NC House Rules Committee meeting on August 20th to keep track of SB 250 and SB 683. This is what activism looks like. No rest until we bet voter ID and transparency. No illegals or felons cancelling out our votes!
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