Please note:
Tea Time meetings in November are cancelled. We have another busy month of traveling and supporting candidates and issues.
See below.

Agenda Update

NC Should Not Allow Holder/Obama Scheme to Redistrict NC To Go Unchallenged
Action Plans and updates. What we're doing to combat and who we're working with.

Young Republican
Jessica Marinaccio
and Kevin from Super PAC Americans for Comprehensive Education Reform
at Tea Time
Thurs Oct 31st at Mills River Restaurant!

We meet at 6PM Mills River Restaurant, 4467 Boylston Hwy, Mills River, NC 28759

Jessica brings energy and creativity to us. Her background includes fundraising and working with 501s. Come meet Jessica and find out how we will work together to be successful in 2020!

Lots to tell Kevin with Ed Reform. Don't miss this one!

Updates on legislation, picts from 2020 Victory Dinner, Robinson Rally, and details on the upcoming Christmas Party we are working on.

Special workshop this Saturday, Nov 2 in Polk County. Come to Tea Time and find out what it is!

Please visit Facebook pages for ATPAC, ATP, CCNC, and Liberty First Grassroots often for breaking and critical news.

Thank you again for your support and confidence!

November events