Dear YULA Parents,

We write to you today as proud partners of Teach CA Coalition – a subsidiary of the Orthodox Union. Teach Coalition, founded in 2013, has a vast network of community leaders, parents and lawmakers across the country who advocate for equitable government funding for nonpublic schools. Currently, more than 500 Day-Schools and Yeshivot receive government funding through Teach Coalition efforts.

Specifically, Teach CA has been lobbying on behalf of our local Jewish Day Schools over the last two years. Teach CA works with our local Federation, Catholic groups and other groups to make sure we receive the funds we need to stay strong.

Currently, Teach CA is working to ensure that Jewish Day Schools receive the maximum benefit from all the various State and Federal funds available as a result of COVID-19.

In addition to SBA Loans, there are three different sources of COVID-19 relief that currently exist or that will require sustained and strategic advocacy efforts by our community to secure for our schools:
  • 1. Federal funding via the CARES Act: Funding for elementary and secondary education that will be disbursed using the Title 1 formula known as the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund – about $350 million will be allocated to California through this fund. How these funds are allocated is at the discretion of Governor Newsom.

  • 2. State Level Resources: We will be aggressively pursuing State legislation to include nonpublic schools in any COVID-19 relief legislation that is introduced, as well as work with State agencies to ensure essential services continue to be provided to our schools. Teach CA’s team will work as a liaison between our schools and the State for any issues that may arise with disruption of services.

  • 3. Local Resources: We are finding that many resources for nonpublic schools are being supplied at the County or local district level. Teach CA will work with our schools on a strategy to make sure that resources - whether it is the continuation of remedial services, or the funding that is expected to flow from the federal government down through the local school districts, and more – is allocated to our schools.
This past week, Teach CA convened a conference call with the professional and lay leadership of our local Jewish Day Schools and announced the establishment of the CA COVID-19 Action Committee .

This group will convene regularly to:

  • 1. Stay informed about Local, State and Federal COVID-19 legislation that affects non-public schools.

  • 2. Stay informed about action items and advocacy efforts we will be undertaking as a group.

  • 3. Provide feedback on the needs that our schools community requires and input on any action items.

  • 4. Participate in Zoom meetings with elected officials in the Assembly and Senate to discuss our concerns. 

We are proud to partner with Teach CA on all of these important initiatives and programs and will update you accordingly as we learn more information that can and will help our schools.

Thank you and Moadim L'Simcha,
Rabbi Joshua Spodek
YULA Girls Head of School
Rabbi Arye Sufrin
YULA Boys Head of School
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