The First Annual
A2 Climate Teach-in
May 7, 2023
Looking Back and Looking Forward
Photos? We've got 'em.

Videos? Yep.

Upcoming Events? They're all here.

Plus a list of volunteers -- so we can thank them.

But first -- thank you for being part of the First Annual A2 Climate Teach-in.
  • 226 attendees.
  • Lots of positive energy and enthusiasm.
The big question -- how to build on the work of all our local climate activists -- and how to maintain our momentum in the face of this existential challenge?

Let's Start by Remembering the Big Event
Mayor Christopher Taylor
A2Zero -- the City of Ann Arbor's plan for achieving a just transition to community-wide carbon neutrality by 2030.

  • 2012 Climate Action Plan (with no money or budget)
  • 2017 Washtenaw County Millage – laying the groundwork
  • 2022 Community Climate Action Millage -- $7 million per year for 20 years to fund local clean energy, waste reduction, energy efficiency, sustainable food, and resilience programs and services.

Click here for a video of Mayor Taylor's presentation.
Breakout Sessions
  • Track A: What Can I Do?
  • Track B: What Can We Do Together?
  • Track C: Advocacy and Justice
What and How We Eat
Kim Korona, VegMichigan
Tom Progar, VegMichigan
Government Support to Help You Go Green
Conan Smith, President and CEO, Michigan Environmental Council
Missy Stults, Ph.D., Sustainability and Innovations Director, City of Ann Arbor
Local Advocacy Opportunities
Andrea Pierce, Chair/Founder, Anishinaabek Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party
Stewart Vohra, Citizens' Climate Lobby
A Zero Waste Lifestyle and the Circular Economy
Anya Dale, Manager, Sustainable Systems and Waste Reduction, UM Office of Campus Sustainability 
Sam McMullen, Co-Founder, Live Zero Waste
How Your Green Teams Can Take Action
Blue Ocean Church, First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Ann Arbor, St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Temple Beth Emeth, Zion Lutheran Church
Local Climate Justice
Denise Keele, Ph.D. Director, Michigan Climate Action Network
Erica Mooney, Environmental Justice and Generations Campaign Organizer, Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice
Jaron Rothkop, UM School for the Enivronment and Sustainablity (SEAS); Climate Blue
Professor Shelie Miller
Finding the Best Leverage Points to Make a Difference

  • Three big things: less consumption; make better choices; talk about it.
  • Three categories: transportation; household energy and stuff; food. Can do big things and little things.
  • Difficult to give things up -- easier to view changes as adding satsifaction.
  • Leverage points and decision points.

Click here for a video of Professor Miller's presentation.

Sierra Club
City of Ann Arbor -- A2 Zero
Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice
Resilient Washtenaw and Washtenaw County Environmental Council
Interfaith Roundtable of Washtenaw County
Climate Reality Project
Sunrise Movement Ann Arbor
Adamah Detroit
Ann Arbor for Public Power
One Less Bag
Climate Psychology Allance North America
Live Zero Waste
Michigan Interfaith Power and Light
Freeman Environmental Youth Council
Distill Social
Ann Arbor 2030 District
Protectors of Equality in Government
Photos by Elli Gurfinkel. Additional photos here. If used, please indicate "Photos by Elli Gurfinkel." More photos here (attribution not required).
Please give a round of applause for our volunteers. (They may not actually hear you -- but it's the thought that counts).

Planning Committee
Don Levitt
Cathy Marshall
Sandy Simon
Jennifer Wolf
Rev. Anne Clarke
Rabbi Josh Whinston

Professor Shelie Miller
Mayor Christopher Taylor

Breakout Session Presenters
Anya Dale
Kelly Gauthier
Denise Keele
Kim Korona
Don Levitt
Ed Lynn
Sam McMullen
Erica Mooney
Andrea Pierce
Tom Progar
Jaron Rothkop
Conan Smith
Missy Stults
Tim Vaduva
Stewart Vohra
Bryan Weinert

Room Hosts
Ruth Mohr
Sandy Simon
Cecilia Trudeau

Kate Curtin
Bonnie Keen
Jamie Plunkett
Marcy Plunkett
Avni Rao
Murray Rosenthal
Izzy Salomon
Miriam Shaw
Mike Shriberg

Social Hall Management
Stu Simon
Max Steward

Food Preparation and Presentation
Colleen Crawley
Merrill Crockett
Connie McGuire
Cathy Muha
Sheila Sanders
Larry Schweinhart
Sue Schweinhart

Elli Gurfinkel

Jack Zaientz

Parking Crew
Phil Barr
Larry Biederman
Stephen Modell
Bill Parkus

Mark Davis-Craig
Joan Nuxoll
Maddie Nuxoll
Jeremy Tieking

Conan Smith (who co-led the Government Support to Help You Go Green breakout session with Missy Stults) has shared a spreadsheet with all of the Inflation Reduction Act incentives in a sortable and filterable format.
Upcoming Climate Action Events in the Community

May 17, 7:30-9:00 p.m. Investments in Our Planet

May 31, 6:00 p.m. Where Do We Go From Here? Looking forward at carbon reductions planning and resources.

June 17, 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. St. Francis of Assisi parish will hold its annual electronics recycling event.

July 16, 3:00-4:30 p.m. A visionary young Catholic scientist will talk about how the Church can use its extensive landholdings (estimated to be the size of France and Spain combined) to promote Pope Francis's vision of environmental sustainability.

Check out our calendar of events for details on these events (and let us know of your upcoming events so they can be added to the calendar).
But wait -- there's more!

The question most frequently heard during the Teach-in: This is great, but what happens next? How do we keep it going?

Glad you asked.

We are already planning for the Fall A2 Climate Heroes Celebration and the Winter A2 Climate Heroes Celebration.
  • These will be informal events held at a coffee shop/café.
  • We will recognize Climate Heroes in the following categories: Individual; Climate Action Group; Congregations; Youth; Education; Government.
Why should we recognize Climate Heroes?
The road is long. The mountain is high. We need to continuously nurture ourselves and each other.

Come out to be part of the celebration -- and encourage each other to remain focused and strong.
AND -- the Second Annual A2 Climate Teach-in will be held in Spring, 2024.