Our Emotions and Memory
The “E” in our acronym “CROME” reminds us that our emotional state impacts what and how we remember.

Emotions release glucose and adrenaline; both have a positive impact on memory and recall. Emotional events get preferential encoding. The correlation is strong between how vivid a memory is and how emotional the event was. When we are in a positive emotional state and our amygdala is resting, the prefrontal cortex is able to do its best and most focused work.

Dr. Rhoda Wolle is the Dean of Student Success and an Associate Professor of Education at Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee. She teaches Educational Psychology in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. She received her BS in Secondary Education from Martin Luther College, New Ulm, MN. She was awarded an MA in Education, with special emphasis on students at risk, from Marian University, Fond du Lac, WI. She earned her PhD in Educational Psychology from Capella University in Minneapolis, MN. Dr. Wolle has spoken internationally to thousands of educators, parents, and teens on the topic of education. She is a member of St. Lucas Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, WI. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, music, reading, sports, golf, sailing, and walking her dog, Kipper. 
They never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah.  Acts 5:42
Adult Education: Additum
Emotion's Effect on Learning

We all know from experience that our emotions can influence how deeply we engage in a subject we are studying. In a piece published by the International Academy of Education, Reinhard Pekrun gives an in-depth look into the effect of emotions on learning. See pages 13, 16, and 17, in particular, to see how positive or negative emotions could impact the learning that takes place in your Bible study classroom.

Teaching Toolbox
Successful Teachers Never Stop Learning

As I was thumbing through the Teach the Word archives (found at www.nph.net/teach-the-word), I stumbled on a useful article first highlighted in the Teaching Toolbox in July of 2016. The article was titled 25 Things Successful Teachers Do Differently . Number 23 caught my attention:
23. Successful teachers never stop learning.

Curriculum Connection
From Promise to Glory

From Promise to Glory: An Overview of the Bible is a Bible study course that covers the Bible in 16 lessons—8 Old Testament and 8 New Testament. Unique to this course, a separate DVD contains a 4.5-minute video introduction for each lesson.
Also unique to this course are the time line charts (for a sample of a time line, see below) and the extensive learning activities for each lesson (see the Teacher’s Guide sample).

This is a great tool to use for:
  • Confirmation classes
  • Bible information courses and post-Bible information courses
  • Bible history class (grades 5+)
  • Sunday school (for grades 7-8) 
  • Lutheran elementary school libraries
  • Single-lesson Bible studies
  • An overview of the Bible for the start of the school year

Click the links below for a sample lesson on the patriarchs.

Leader’s Guide  PDF
Student Lesson  PDF
Order the Complete Study
Order the Accompaniment DVD
Teaching Tip

One of the principles of learning is that immediate application improves learning. As soon as possible after you teach new content, have the students think about and verbalize how they can apply the new and relevant information to their lives.
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