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May, 2011 Newsletter

I have put together a newsletter with all kinds of information for you.  Inside you will find my monthly column with Party Tips, an article about keeping your kids safe, and more.
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Teach your kids to be safe at any age 





Parents worry about their children; it's a fact of life. Teaching them to be safe as they grow and explore is one of your most important jobs. But with so many potential threats to worry about, the task can seem overwhelming.


Here are a few basics to concentrate on:


� Discuss safety calmly. You want your children to be careful, not terrified. When you talk about safety matters, emphasize that your main concern is their welfare. Listen to their concerns, and answer their questions as clearly and honestly as you can.


� Highlight important information. Be sure your younger children know their home phone number and address, as well as contact information for another relative or trusted adult.


� Don't just talk about strangers. Attacks or abductions by total strangers are (thankfully) very rare. Let children know they should tell you anytime they're made uncomfortable by someone's behavior, even if they know the person well.


� Play "what if?" Rules and advice can be too abstract for young minds to understand. Make it real by asking children what they would do in certain situations: If a stranger tried to get them into a car, for example, or if they got lost in a shopping mall.


� Discuss body issues. Let your children know that no one should be allowed to touch them in personal areas. Teach them what areas you're talking about, with the proper names, so they can tell you accurately if something happens.




Birthday Party Tip

I am continuing with my 12 Secrets to a Great Birthday Party.


#10 - Make It An Event To Remember


This is easy to do - just take LOTS of pictures. And if you have a Polaroid or a digital camera (and a color printer), here's a great gift idea to give each of the party goers: Take a photo of each guest with the birthday child. At the bottom of the photo write with marker their names and the date of the party. If you want to go one step further, you can make little "badges" out of construction paper and tape or glue the photo in it.


Videotaping is also a great way to relive your party memories. If you don't have a camcorder, ask a rental place - many rental companies rent camcorders. Remember to use a tripod to keep it steady and make sure the battery is charged so you're not tethered to an electrical cord.


TIP: If you do hire a performer, be sure they will allow you to videotape the show before booking them.




Open Play Fridays at the Magic Party Place in Vienna


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Starting Feb. 18th, and continuing every Friday, the Magic Party Place in Vienna, VA is having a Open-Play day.  For only $10 per child you can bring your kids to the Magic Party Place for some physical activity on our moon bounces. 

Bring in your kids and let them play on our moon bounces for as long as they want during our hours on Friday. Bring your Play group or just come to relax and let your child get in some physical activity. Join other moms for conversation while your child plays in our indoor moon bounces. Allow them to meet new friends in our safe and clean environment. No need to call, just come right in!


Magic Party Place

312 Dominion Rd. NE

Vienna, VA 22180


P.S. Don't forget, it's a great place to have your next birthday party because it is the only place that Louis the Magician is performing at on the weekends.


Please feel free to email me anytime with questions about children's entertainment. 




Louis Meyer
ChildTime Magic  

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Customer Appreciation


Customer Appreciation Day


June 10th from 6pm to 8pm

Come to the Magic Party Place in Vienna for Customer Appreciation Day!


As a thank you for your support and business we will have a FREE day for your kids.  Come join us and let your kids play on the moon bounces, get their faces painted, balloon animals, and finally see Louis the Magician's newest magic tricks.  This will be a BLAST for your kids and is our way of saying "Thank you".


This event is for you and any guests you would like to bring.  


Look for the invite to attend soon in your email! 


We love referrals!  Not only do we appreciate the fact that you tell others about ChildTime Magic but it means that you had a good time with your party.  Every time someone books a show because of you we will give you a $20 gift card.  PLEASE make sure to tell everyone you talk to about us to mention your name when booking. 


Offer Expires: Never