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Teachable Moments - January 2014
A Newsletter for radKIDS' Parents and Families
Teachable Moments at their Finest
January 2014 is National Mentoring Month as proclaimed by President Barack Obama on December 31, 2013.  "In every corner of our Nation, mentors push our next generation to shape their ambitions, set a positive course, and achieve their boundless potential." says Obama in his opening remarks crediting those who volunteer to mentor our nations children. He goes on to explain that "Mentors help children build confidence, gain knowledge, and develop the strength of character to succeed inside and outside of the classroom. They are relatives, teachers, coaches, ministers, and neighbors. Anyone can be a mentor..."

President Obama's hope is that by inspiring you, you will get up and go volunteer, ( join a
n established mentoring program, there are many) and be matched with a child you don't know who you can guide and inspire and who will view you as a role model and who could someday credit you with being the pivotal difference that turned his/her life around and is the reason that they have achieved success.

Mentoring Defined

According to The Corporation for National and Community Service "A mentor is a caring and committed older individual in a young person's life."  They go on to say that "By spending a few hours a week sharing activities, listening, encouraging, challenging, and building skills and self-reliance, volunteer mentors can help children from kindergarten through high school achieve success."   

"Good mentors" according to The Corporation "are people who genuinely enjoy children and youth and like to spend time with them. They have the time and energy to commit to a regular meeting schedule, and they know they can follow through on the commitment.   


Sound Familiar?

Isn't that what you do every day as a parent? Don't you shape and encourage your children to achieve their boundless potential? Don't you help your children to build confidence, gain knowledge, and develop strength of character? You are already mentoring every day.   

Parent Involvement Matters!


Every single day, life hands you opportunities to "mentor" your own children and most likely your friends and neighbors children. At radKIDS we call them TEACHABLE MOMENTS!  We find them all over; crossing the street, at the Park, in the Mall, in the car. We focus primarily on opportunities to keep you children safe and out of the path of harm.  


Teachable moments in practice are those moments throughout the day when you have an opportunity to listen, encourage, challenge,  

ASK and BUILD the children in your life to be confident, knowledgeable and have strong character.   

radKIDS plans 

Ever find yourself asking your child "What would you do if...?" What is your plan for...?"  We do it all the time in radKIDS  (check out the radKIDS Plans card -by clicking the picture on the left- to start some important conversations about safety.)  That is mentoring. Those are Teachable Moments that cause your child to think things through before a crisis and an opportunity for you to influence his/her thinking to reflect your family values and moral sensibilities.


"Mentoring" is typically thought about as a well funded program that recruits and trains volunteers who schedule regular time with a child who may not otherwise have such an opportunity.   radKIDS clearly fits the definition of a mentoring program as described above by both the Corporation for National Community Service and the President of the United States. We enthusiastically and proactively encourage parental involvement as we work together in building a safer world of our children so they have the opportunity to grow up healthy and strong to be able to effectively "mentor" the next generation of radKIDS.   


As it is National Mentoring month we also want to remind you before closing this newsletter about our Nationally recognized FREE return and practice for your radKIDS.  When a class is available and has available space we would like to encourage you to bring your child or children back to review and refresh their skills.  In additon, many of our instructors would encourage your radKIDS to return in the role of a radKIDS Peer Mentor in this role a radKIDS who has attended radKIDS a couple times, can now attend and help the local radKIDS instructors with younger children becoming radKIDS.  They learn and refresh their skills while helping in demonstrations and modeling of skills and even sometimes handing out Sticka's.  We encourage you to speak to your local radKIDS instructor about this opportunity for your children.


Lastly, we would be remiss in National Mentoring month if we did not remind you as radKIDS Parents that if you don't already have one in your school, we encourage you to share the idea of the radKIDS Educational Curriculum with your children's school both private and public.  The radKIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Education Curriculum actually meets and in many cases exceeds the national core standards in physical education (PE) and or Health. radKIDS is quickly becoming an essential component in elementary education especially with the skills and positive change it is creating in bullying prevention and the enrichment of a positive educational learning environment based on zero victimization policies instead of the outdated "outside in" approach to bullying prevention that has failed in Zero Tolerance policies and environments.  Please consider sharing 

radKIDS with your school administration and your PTA's and PTO's Bringing radKIDS to You  and if you have any further questions or need support please feel free to contact us directly at radKIDS HQ via email at radKIDS@radKIDS.org 


We are always honored and happy to welcome radKIDS Parents into our Instructor Certification Training programs to help share radKIDS with their children and their families in your community. If you or someone you know is interested in Becoming a radKIDS Instructor in your community please share this link with them Bringing radKIDS to You as well as our direct email at radKIDS@radKIDS.org.


A Reminder to Thank

President Obama, at a recent White House event celebrating National Mentoring Month, explains to guests that "the mentor usually gets as much or more out of it than the mentee." As radKIDS instructors, we KNOW this is true. It is truly an honor to share in the journey that strengthens our youth, who will without a doubt be what determines our future.   


Each January, we are encouraged and reminded to Thank Your Mentor for making the difference they made in your life.   

Through the Eyes of a child


We at radKIDS THANK YOU, Moms and Dads, for caring enough about your children to enroll them in a radKIDS program. You are screaming volumes to them that they are important and valued. And we also would like to send THANKS to our 4,500 INSTRUCTORS who give of their time and energy to teach, to mentor both the children and families in your communities. Together we are building a safer world for children, one child at a time.

Keep Mentoring.

Keep Building a Safer World

for Children! 


Behind every productive life, there is mentorship.

We have been given that gift. We need to continue to use it wisely.


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