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Prescription Medication Abuse 

Awareness and Prevention  


Prescription Medication Safety is a topic that is often forgotten or overlooked. According to the Center for Disease Control 82% of Americans take at least one medication and 29% take five or more. With such a large amount of potentially harmful medications in our homes, keeping them out of children's hands is essential.  Finding, eating and drinking prescription medication is the #1 cause of emergency room visits due to adverse drug events for children under the age of 5. The CDC estimates that 64,000 children under that age of 5 are brought to the emergency room each year due to unsupervised ingestion. 


"Medicine is something we use to change the way we feel." Say radKIDS instructors. "If we are sick, medicine will make us feel better BUT if we are not sick, we shouldn't change! No one has the right to hurt you, including yourself, and taking medicine when you don't need it can hurt you." In radKIDS we talk openly in home safety about things in the bathroom cabinet and we develop the plan.


What is our radKIDS Plan to be Safe with Medicine?

  • NEVER eat or drink any medicine without a parent or doctor's permission.
  • If you find something that could be medicine, always ask a parent if it is safe before eating.
  • Sometimes medicines come on patches that look like stickers, NEVER put on of these patches on your skin, especially if you find it in the trash. If you are not sure, ask a parent!
  • If you do eat or drink medicine without a parent or doctor's permission, make sure to tell a trusted adult right away.

What is our radKIDS Plan if you see a friend or sibling not being safe with medicine?

  • Remind your friend that medicine should only be taken with a parent or doctor's permission.
  • Tell a trusted adult right away!

 What is our radKIDS plan if someone offers you drugs?

All radKIDS know:

  • Always Say NO!
  • Get away fast.
  • Tell a trusted grown-up: because no one has the right to hurt or trick us.
Parents, What can you do? 

Here are some helpful hints to keep kids safe:  

Make sure that all prescription and over-the-counter medications out of reach of children, this includes any pills, patches, creams or eye drops. Child proof bottles are not always child proof!

If you do have medications in your purse or bag, be sure to store it away from children while you're at home or even riding in the car.

Consider places where your children spend a lot of their time such as friends and grandparents houses, and talk to them about properly storing medication.

Make sure to talk to your children about staying away from medications if they find it somewhere else. Pills can look like candies to children, so making sure they know the difference is very important.

Be aware of creams, patches and liquids. These might be harder for children to see as harmful, but can just as dangerous as pills. Be sure to follow special instructions on disposal if they are given.

Discard expired and unused prescriptions by taking advantage of national prescription take-back day. This is an initiative sponsored by the United States Department and hosted by local law enforcement agencies.   Keeping these medications out of our homes can reduce the risks to our children.

Seek immediate medical attention if you child finds something they aren't supposed to. Keep the poison control hotline number available at all times. 1-800-222-1222.


What about Medications My Kids Need?

Medications can be very confusing, especially when trying to make sure your child is getting the dose they need. When giving medication to children, always make sure to sure the dosing instrument that comes with the medication. When in doubt ALWAYS ask! Pharmacists are great local resources who are accessible in every community. If you are ever unsure about a dose, a medication or proper disposal, calling a doctor or a pharmacist may save your child's life.


For Drug Disposal Guidelines and information visit:  



For more information about local prescription take-back days in your area visit: http://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/drug_disposal/takeback/ 

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