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Teachable Moments - June 2016
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Just a few more DAY/WEEKS until school IS OUT and glorious summer vacation is here! In some parts of the country, school is already out and summer vacation is in full swing.

Because children are not in school, they will have a lot more free time, and as we know, some of that time may be unsupervised. (We can't always be with our children 100% of the time.) For those times, no matter how diligent you are in keeping your children safe, it can never hurt to have them prepared in the case that someone will try to compromise their safety. As radKIDS parents, you know our best defense is a strong offense. We strongly suggest that you find some time at the top of the season, to review your child's radKIDS plans for safety at home, in the yard, at the playground and parks, amusement parks.

How? Let them tell you....
Simply ask your child "What's your radKIDS plan if...." then just sit back and LISTEN. Check to see if the solution sounds realistic and guide your child to get from danger to safety (Are you safe yet? How do you know?). Remember, the key is not to TELL them what to do (expectations). Instead allow them to think through the plan themselves.

The resources in the side bar 
will help you to begin discussions. Please feel free to download/print them as you discover the Teachable Moments with your child as they come up this summer.
And finally...
End the conversation with one final question to your children: "Why did we just have that conversation?" This provides you with a great opportunity to tell them how important they are to you and that nobody has the right to hurt them. (radKIDS rule #1).... Chances are they will continue with radKIDS rule #2 (you don't have the right to hurt anyone else UNLESS they try to hurt you, then you STOP them) and radKIDS rule #3 (if any one does hurt you or try to hurt you - you can tell a trusted adult).
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