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Poison Prevention for our Children  

The week of March 15 th  to the 21 st  is dedicated to educating children and families about Poison Prevention. Children are curious and often unable to recognize what household products or medicines are dangerous if consumed or touched. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics reports that poisoning is the leading cause of death from injuries in the United States. A poison is defined as any substance that can harm someone if used in the wrong way, by the wrong person or in the wrong amount. With the alarming statistic of tragedies caused by poisoning, radKIDS decided to take the March Teachable Moments newsletter as an opportunity to educate you, the parents, on how to keep our children safe from the harm poisoning causes. 

The radKIDS plan to store household products properly:

  • Store up high, away and out of sight of children (so cleaning products actually shouldn't  be stored under the sink).
  • Install safety latches on cabinets
  • Always re-close household products after or during use
  • Buy products in child-resistant packaging as much as possible
  • Keep household products in original packaging
  • Read labels before the use of any medicine or household product
  • Think of the places your children spend a lot of time other than home, like at grandparent's or neighbor's, and talk to them about how they can store their household products properly
Teach children to ask an adult before eating, drinking or touching anything


How to practice radKIDS safety with poisonous household products?

  • Re-create the radKIDS drill on the fly by having your children try to differentiate between safe products (Apple Juice and Gatorade) and poisonous products (Pine-Sol and Windex) just by looking at them.
  • By having your children differentiate between safe and poisonous products it allows for them to have an understanding that it is not always easy to tell the difference.
  • Use this exercise as an opportunity to reinforce that radKIDS always ask a trusted adult (parent, grandparent, babysitter or guardian) before they eat, drink or try to use any household item. Even if a radKID thinks they know it is safe, it is always safest to ask an adult first!! 

How to keep radKIDS safe from medicine?

  • Like household products, keep all medicines out of reach and sight of children
  •  If you store any medicine in your purse or car, make sure they are unreachable and out of sight of children
  • Think of the places your children spend a lot of time other than home, like at grandparent's or neighbor's, and talk to them about how they can store their medication properly
  • Always close medicine containers after taking the prescribed dosage
  • Always consult with your doctor or your child's doctor before you or your child begins taking any medication
Could you tell the difference?