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September 2015
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"radKIDS Plans" radKIDS plans
Instead of rehearsing safety tips with your child, start your child thinking about what his/ her plan would be IF...
We have created a tools for you to assist you in beginning these important safety conversations with your child. Click Here to Download Printable Card
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It's that time of year again...
We thought we'd begin with a video of important reminders for you to use as you navigate the days and weeks ahead. Take a deep breath and watch this "Mom (and/or Dad as the case may be) Song"...
TA DA is right!!!
September means back to school for most. For some, you may already be back and in full swing. It's a busy time of alarm clocks, structure and routine. radKIDS Jennifer, Jazz, Sam, and Corey are ready and excited to get back to school as you can see from our new Back to School Logo! So let's review what All radKIDS Know as we head back to school:

All radKIDS Know:
The most important person at school is? YOU!
That's the #1 radKID rule for sure.So what else do  radKIDS Know  about School Safety?

radKIDS know that "No One has the right to hurt you, because you are special" and important especially at school. 

radKIDS also know that Since no one gets to hurt us, we don't have the right to hurt anyone else, UNLESS they try and hurt us and then we have every right to stop them.  Because no one gets to hurt or trick us! No One!

Maybe most important at school is that we know that if anyone does try and trick us or hurt us it is not our fault (It's their fault) and so we CAN tell a teacher or grown up we trust.   
Always remember that radKIDS Know Telling is to help someone or yourself and Tattling is when you are trying to get someone in trouble. So radKIDS can TELL to help and stop people from hurting others but we don't tattle as that can hurt others.

All radKIDS Know that school is no different than the rest of the world. Safety begins with a good plan.

radKIDS Plans for:
Walking to S
chool or to a Friends? 

All radKIDS Know:
  • We always take a buddy (Safety Partner) when walking to and from school.
  • We take the safest way to school and take the same route every day.
  • We walk with your family to pick the safest route.
  • We identify your safe zones both to and from school and share them with our safety partner.  
radKIDS Plans for: Leaving School?

All radKIDS Know:
  • We know to never leave a schoolyard during school hours without first getting parents and teacher's permission.
  • We know to let our parents know when staying after school.
  • We know that when leaving school, we go straight home. We do not stop to play with friends unless you have permission first.
  • We know to never leave school with someone we don't know.
  • We know to always tell a teacher or trusted adult if anyone you don't know or someone you haven't been given permission to leave with, asks you to leave school for any reason.

WHAT IS OUR radKIDS Plan IF...          Someone offers you drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes?

All radKIDS Know:
  • Always say NO
  • Get away fast
  • Tell a trusted grown -up - because no one ever has the right to hurt or trick us
We know not to take drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes from anyone. We always say "NO" and get away fast. (Rule # 2 radKIDS Don't Hurt Ourselves)
  • We know we can tell a trusted adult if anyone touches you or makes you feel scared or uncomfortable. (Rule #3 It is not our fault when someone hurts/tricks us)
  • We know to let our parents know when staying after school.
  • We know that when leaving school, we go straight home. We do not stop to play with friends unless you have permission first.
  • We Yell, "NO"! Run to safe zone if anyone you don't know offers you candy, gifts, or to take you for a ride, then to tell your teacher or trusted adult.

radKIDS family note:

You may want to take this opportunity to discuss your Family Emergency Plan  with your child.(See radKIDS ON...Passwords).

What is your radKIDS Plan if anyone tries to Hurt or Bully You in School?

  • We know that no one get's to hurt us so we can stop them using our radKIDS Skills
  • Walk Away and Share (tell) with someone you trust Because "NO One Gets to Hurt You or Your Friends"
  • Ignore them -- they are not your friends. Would you friends hurt you?
  • Ask/Tell Them to Stop! If they stop can you forgive them and still be their friend?  If they don't stop they are "TRYING" to hurt you? Friends don't hurt each other do they?  So they are not your friend, are they?
  • And, Lastly if anyone tries to physically hurt you, then as a radKID you know you can use your skills to stop them including our BLOCK, RUN and TELL skill.