Teacher Appreciation Week!!


Thank you to all teachers but especially ours!

The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.  You can help thank a St. Catherine of Siena teacher by contributing to breakfast/lunch/treats next week!  Click on the "help now" link to sign up for a slot.

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You can also thank a teacher by sending a little note to school or by sending a note via the link below!  I will ensure that the teachers get their notes!

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What do you love about teaching children this age?


              Ms. Karissa 

"I love the amazement and surprise on a child's face when they accomplish something new on their own or make a connection with something they have been working on!"


         Miss. Sarah

"I love the times I see something click in a child's head and then they get all proud of themselves.  I also love hearing the giggles!"


                   Mrs. L  

"Each day is different and what they don't know today they may know tomorrow!"


                  Mrs. A

"I love that children have no filters.  They are so fun and they make me smile with the things that they say and do!"


           Mrs. Lexie

"I love how creative they are and how excited children get as they learn and play. Spring is the best time of year because that lightbulb really goes off and connections are being made!"


         Miss. Caitlyn

"I love seeing student personalities develop as children become more comfortable at school."


                 Mrs. O

"I love that children have innocence and do not recognize differences.  They accept everyone and are so loving.  Children also have such a joy for learning!"


          Miss. Miranda

"I love viewing a child's perspective and how pure and innocent that they are."


             Miss. Bree

"I love the ah-ha moments when a child gets something for the first time!"


            Ms. Kristyn

"I love hearing a child's perspective on things. Sometimes you just have to talk to a 5 year old to understand some things!"


            Mrs. Becky

"I love watching children form relationships with one another.  They do not see color, disabilities, differences.  I also like hearing " l love you" all day!"


         Miss Michaela

""I love watching their brains grow and how they use their imagination.  Children are also so loving!"


         Mrs. Ashley

"Children are so intrigued by little things. They are so pure, lovable and honest!"


          Ms. Danielle

" I love being able to be a comforter, listener, mother, mess-maker and to help facilitate social-emotional growth!"


               Mrs. Rupp

 "I love when they are telling a story about their love for Jesus or when their eyes sparkle when they get something. They say amazing things too!"


                      Ms. J

"I love seeing the growth that children make not only educationally but socially and emotionally!"


               Ms. Sykes

"I love the transformation children make in the span of a school year and how anything can be made exciting through their eyes!"


            Mrs. Cristen

"It makes me so happy to see the kids light up when they get a new concept and I love hearing their unfiltered comments!"


Ms. Huber/Ms. Beth

"I love being part of a child's development and seeing their personalities develop throughout the year!"