May 2018
The Steamboat Springs School District’s mission names four key supports for ensuring that our students thrive, the first of which is highly effective, passionate educators. This Teacher Appreciation Week, we want to recognize Steamboat Springs School District staff who have been instrumental in all that our students, schools, and district have achieved this year, including the High Flyers Network, John Irwin Award, Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award, Accredited with Distinction designation, AP® District Honor Roll, Colorado Succeeds Prize, and English Language Proficiency Act Excellence Award. 

But it’s more rewarding than any award to know that students are benefiting from the lessons and experiences designed by our educators; they are preparing our students to be productive global citizens with the potential to change the world. Our staff does this every day, in and beyond the classroom. They put on science fairs and drama productions, coach sports, sponsor clubs, and serve on committees, like district Advisory Committees , to contribute to important efforts to create long-term infrastructure solutions and sustain overall program excellence in our school district.

Steamboat Springs School District's educators and staff are exceptional. Our entire community benefits from their hard work and commitment, which is why we were thrilled this year to be able to recognize them with compensation increases and increased contributions to benefits. In addition, thanks to the additional state funding that is expected for the 2018–19 school year, we anticipate adding at least 15 FTEs to address continued enrollment growth and increase the number of staff serving English language learners and special education students, as well as those providing counseling services in our schools. This time next year, we look forward to having even more Steamboat Springs educators and staff to thank! 

I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to express their gratitude. Let’s make sure our staff members feel recognized and appreciated this week for everything they have done throughout the year. 

Brad Meeks
Steamboat Springs School District Superintendent