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September 2013


Dear EAL Professionals,


It is back to school time, and we have lots of news for you, including a few simple back-to-school tips for the new academic year!
First off, we would like to direct you to our
network_lateralNational Online Conference
Registration Page
and the Call for Presentations Page. These just opened up, and we are excited at how things are progressing. Make sure to register as an easy reminder for when the conference rolls around in the new year. As well, consider submitting a presentation, share your experience with colleagues from across the nation - challenge yourself!

There is also some breaking news to report: we have just confirmed cultural and diversity expert Dr. Lionel Laroche as one of our keynote speakers for the conference in January, 2014. More details to follow, and for more information please visit our conference page at:
Upcoming Events
  • IATEFL Webinar
    • How to Write an Effective IATEFL Conference Proposal (September 6, 3:00pm BST) Madeleine du Vivier will help you choose the proposal style that best suits you, your topic and potential audience. She will give you tips on how to meet the selection criteria, and engage the proposals committee and your potential audience. Click here to learn more.
  • ASCD Webinar
    • Answers You Need from Voices you Trust. (September 18, 3:00pm EST) Perhaps you're struggling with a lingering question about student engagement, real world learning or tech integration. Bring your questions to ask the panel of authors: Mark Barnes, Susan Brookhart, Alex Gonzalez and Thomas Hoerr. Click here to learn more.
  • English Online Webinar
    • What you Need to Know About Accent Modification (September 28, 10:00am CDT) Luella Jonk will answer any queries you may have on the exciting topic of Accent Modification. Most accented speakers want to sound "more English" mainly to gain employment or advance their careers, but don't know where to begin. They want to become confident in their speech. Accent Modification will allow them to do so. Click here to learn more.
Back to School


Teachers, students, parents, everyone is preparing for September's back-to-school rush. It is a time of new beginnings and a change in routine. Here are a few tips for the language learning classroom and some easy-read links to explore.


September Reminders


Take it slow - students may take a while to get back into Target-Language mode. Enjoy the change in setting and show students that the classroom is a fun, enjoyable place.
Get to know your students - it might seem like unproductive time, but getting to know your students will engage them. Getting to know what their interests are and how they spent their summer will inform you about what motivates them.
Let students get to know each other - peer learning is an essential part of any classroom, more effective when students know and are comfortable with each other.
Establish your class guidelines - now is the time to set any ground rules or ongoing procedures and activities (journals, blogs, etc). Enforce them now for effective use all year.
Set your own PD goals - don't overreach or plan too much, but set a few goals for professional development. Revisit your goals halfway through the year and adjust accordingly. 
Resources and Information


Here are a few websites with helpful information and back-to-school ideas. Sift through and use what fits your context:   

A general education website for back-to-school planning with downloadable resources in the right column.  


Several technology ideas for ESL teachers. A lot of these are easy to explore and implement. (You can always contact English Online for any tech support that you may need.)


A handy language classroom back-to-school checklist. Make sure you don't forget some of the simple ideas that can create a comfortable environment.


Finally, as you start your year, be sure to schedule time for reflection in the classroom. No matter how you teach, reflecting is an essential ingredient. Reflect on Summer to start the year - at English Online, our summer was highlighted by a wonderful and successful Summer MOOC Course (Highlights) for learners.  

Welcome Back!


English Online Team 



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Tutela is preparing to celebrate a successful first year. Visit and follow on twitter for news and updates around the ongoing release of Tutela 2.0.
Over the past year, Tutela has been gathering feedback and suggestions from users - new features will include:

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Releases will happen weekly, so check in often!




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