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STRONG: Strengthening Teacher Resilience through Opportunities that Nurture Growth

GCRTC is proud to partner with Capital Region BOCES to provide a regional pr ofessional study group focused on developing and sustaining practitioner resilience. The first session will provide an overview of the literature on practitioner resilience in the education setting as well as introduce a variety of basic tools practitioners can begin to use in their own practice throughout the year. Remaining sessions will be designed to address resilience-related content selected by the group. T he overarching goals of this group are
  • provide teachers and related educators strategies to cope with the demands of their profession, including the vicarious trauma experienced through exposure to children with pervasive problems including poverty, mental health challenges and challenging behaviors 
  • create a regional network that provides a common forum for those finding success in difficult situations as well as those who may be struggling with their practice 
  • act as a clearinghouse for successful coping strategies related to the stressors associated with teaching and related practices 
  • identify and utilize appropriate supports for educators surrounding practitioner health and wellness 
  • explore opportunities to utilize resilience strategies through professional learning communities. 
  • assist districts in identifying and embedding practices that will bolster teacher awareness and limit the potential burnout cascade that may affect teacher and related educators 
Location:  Mabee Farm, Rotterdam Junction
Dates/Times:  10/19, 12/7, 2/8, 4/26 (Wed), 8:30 am-2:30 pm each day
Facilitators: Lynne Ogren, Greater Capital Region Teacher Center, Valerie Lovelace, Greater Capital Region Teacher Center and Peter Taormina, Capital Region BOCES
Fee:  $100.  Payment information in MyLearningPlan Registration page.
Current Social Issues in Education: Community Awareness Sessions
Join us for five sessions, each highlighting a societal issue that is currently affecting our students. These are issues we hear about in the media, but do not necessarily know enough about to adequately assist students dealing with related concerns on a daily basis. The goal of this series is to better understand the impact of these issues on our students, educators and communities so that we can collaboratively create robust support systems for all of our students.
All sessions held at the Shaker Elementary School Library, Shaker Road, Colonie.  

Community members, as well as educators are encouraged to attend.
Session 1: LGBT Students and Families
Presenter: Katherine Romero, LMSW, Social Worker at In Our Own Voices, Albany, NY;    Serving the needs of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People of Color, our Friends and Families.
Date/Time: 10/6, 2016 (Thurs) 4 pm - 7 pm 
Session 2: Human Trafficking
Presenters: Deb Fowler and Pat Carley, Eyes Wide Open NENY, Inc. Providing Sanctuary, Healing and Hope for Victims of Human Trafficking 
Date/Time: 10/13, 2016 (Thurs) 4 pm -7 pm 
Session 3: Alliance for Positive Health: Real Talk
Real Talk is a youth-driven prevention initiative which utilizes technology to assist primarily urban, Black/Latino teens ages 13-17 to develop personal prevention skills.
Presenter: Real Talk representative 
Date/Time: 10/20, 2016 (Thurs) 4 pm -7 pm            
Session 4: Students in Foster Care
Presenter: Sue Bredice, Co-Director, Village of Colonie Outreach Center
Date/Time: 10/27, 2016 (Thurs) 4 pm -7 pm 
Session 5: Refugee and Immigrant Students
Presenter: Jill Peckenpaugh, U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants 
Date/Time: 11/ 3, 2016 (Thurs) 4 pm -7 pm             

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