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January 2018

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Monthly Update

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Donnell Probst

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core principles

The purpose of  media literacy education is to develop the habits of inquiry and skills of expression needed by critical thinkers, effective communicators, and active citizens in today's world.



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TopIn this issue...

AP News: The State of 
Media Literacy Legislation
The Associated Press published an overview of state legislation in the US requiring schools to teach media literacy education as part of their curriculum. The report cites organizations such as NAMLE, Media Literacy Now, and the Digital Citizenship Institute. The story was picked up by the Chicago Tribune, Teen Vogue, Axios, the Belfast Telegraph and others.  
[ read more ]

Huff Post: Good Things are 
Happening Online 
Diana Graber, founder of CyberWise and CyberCivics, penned an article for the Huffington Post which takes a more positive view of online activity and provides an extensive list of positive habits, outcomes, and activities that come from the use of online resources.  [ read more ]
ALA: Media Literacy a Top Story of 2017
Media Literacy made the list of the top stories affecting libraries in 2017 with the creation of the Media Literacy @ Your Library program, created in partnership with the Center for News Literacy. The article also notes an online media literacy learning program is slated for 2018. 
[ read more ]

CalendarMark Your Calendar

Developing Digital Literacies
Drew University
Madison, NJ
Feb 3 [ learn more]

Media Literacy 101: It's More than Fake News
2018 METC Conference
St. Charles, MO
Feb 14 [ learn more]

International Critical Media Literacy Conference
Georgia Southern University
Savannah, GA
Feb 23-24 [learn more]

Transmedia Literacy International Conference
Barcelona, Spain
Mar 22-24 [learn more]

International Media Literacy Research Symposium
Lisbon, Portugal
Apr 19-20 [learn more]

U.S. Media Literacy Week 2018
Nov 5-9, 2018 [ learn more]

MembersM-Passion ed: Meet our Members
Media Literacy Educator

"Media literacy education is the best way to understand our mediated worlds. Whether this conversation was happening 30 years ago or today, we have always been faced with issues of truth, bias, fact, or fiction. Having a critical lens on the world that is made up of different voices is how we can better serve our communities, educational counterparts, and family. In order to engage, especially in today's society with all the external influences, we need to be media literate. This idea has been most prevalent in the past two years as the level of awareness was raised at how uncritical and uninformed people can be in any situation."  [ read more ]

Want to recommend an M-Passioned NAMLE member who should be in our next feature? Contact Evelien Schilder at

CFP: Media & Learning 2018:
Video in Higher Education
The 2018 Media & Learning Conference will take place June 14-15 in Leuven, Belgium. 
The Media & Learning Conference will combine formal and informal discussion opportunities along with inspiring presentations, practical demonstrations, and hands-on workshop opportunities. View the different session types on the website.
Submission deadline: Jan 31  [ learn more ]

CFS: 2018 SNCR Excellence in New Communication Awards
The  Society for New Communications Research of The Conference Board (SNCR) is now accepting entries for the 2018 Excellence in New Communications Awards. The program honors the work of corporations, nonprofits, governmental organizations, educational institutions, media organizations and individuals who are innovating the use of digital and social media, mobile media, collaborative technologies, virtual reality, and other emerging digital communications technologies to improve business, culture, media and society. Entrants are invited to submit their case study and detail their initiatives, technologies used, and success metrics. 
Submission deadline: Feb 23   [learn more]

CFS: CineYouth Festival
Cinema/Chicago's CineYouth Film Festival is designed to encourage youth filmmakers in their creative endeavors. CineYouth provides opportunities for young filmmakers to articulate themselves artistically, and have their voice heard. Submissions must be 15 minutes or less in length, and filmmakers must be 22 years old or younger at time of filming.  Submission deadline: Feb 26  [ learn more ]

ResourcesEducator Resources
Lesson Plan: Ethical Photo Editing
KQED Teach has developed a lesson plan for 9-12 grade students which teaches the ways photos are edited to manipulate the message and how students can edit their personal photos ethically. The lesson plan includes materials, openers, direct instruction, guided and independent practice, and assignment/reflection. [ learn more ]

Teacher Guide: Digital Competence 
EU Science Hub, the European Commission's science and knowledge service, has published the European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators: DigCompEdu. The framework will help guide policy and can be adapted to implement regional and national tools and training programs. It will also provide a common language and approach that will help the exchange of best practices across borders. The framework is appropriate for educators working in all levels of education . 

A Field Guide to "Fake News"
The  Public Data Lab  and First Draft collaborated to develop a free, open-access guide to help students, journalists, and researchers investigate misleading and viral content, memes and trolling practices online. The five chapters of the guide describe a series of research protocols or "recipes" that can be used to trace trolling practices, the ways false, viral news and memes circulate online, and the commercial underpinnings of problematic content. Each recipe provides an accessible overview of the key steps, methods, techniques and datasets used.  [ learn more ]

Report: Young Children 
Unprepared for Social Media
"Life in Likes," a Children's Commissioner report on the effects of social media on 8-to-12-year-olds, examines the way children use social media and its effects on their wellbeing. This report fills a gap in research showing how younger children use platforms which social media companies say are not designed for them

Study: Developing Media and Gender Literacy in the High School Classroom
A new study published in the Journal of Literacy and Technology by NAMLE Leadership Council member Elizaveta Friesem explores how students learn about issues of gender through critical engagement with media texts, including the impact and use of gender and media classes.  [ learn more ]

EmploymentEmployment Opportunities 

Assistant Professor of Communication
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY [ more info ]

Assistant Professor
Sports Communication and Media
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI  [ more info ]

Assistant Professor of Media Studies 
Global Media, Technology, Social Justice
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR [more info]

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