December 8, 2016 
Teacher Retirement System Meeting
November 2016
TRS held its bimonthly Board of Trustees meeting on Nov. 18, 2016. TRS net assets in October 2016 fell to $65,989,901,538. TRS received a clean audit from KPMG. Year-to-date retirements remain consistent with past years. The average monthly benefit among 119,038 retirees is $3,068 per month.
Financial Division

TRS net assets in  September 2015 were $62,704,310,488. TRS net assets in September 2016 were $67,172,668,024.

TRS net assets in October 2015 $65,857,076,404. TRS net assets in October 2016 were $65,989,901,538.

Membership Reports
  • FYTD there are 1,772 retirements compared to 1,760 at this time last year.
  • Average years of service for service retirees is 26.11 years
  • Average age for service retirement is 59 years
  • The average monthly benefit is $3068.
  • There are currently 119,038 retirees.
  • There are currently 261,408 active TRS members.
Sean Devetter
Staff Attorney