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Welcome back for the new term. We have collected a few blogs for you, put together by our team. There are some interesting insights as well as some really handy curriculum correlation charts to show you how one of Australia's best guided reading programs fits in with the Australian Curriculum. There are also curriculum correlation charts for the new Alison Davis program Explorations Strategies for Comprehension for informative texts

Mother Reading
A blog about rediscovering reading aloud 

The importance of reading aloud to children from birth has been well established by research. Recalling a surprising encounter with teenagers enjoying a read-aloud, teacher and writer Jenny Feely implores us to remember that enjoying a read-aloud is a lifelong experience that reinforces the joy of reading and provides memorable experiences with great books.


Click here for a reminder of the power of reading aloud.     

Guided Reading 1
A blog about a guided reading lesson

Children's reading fluency is improved when they can automatically recognise high-frequency words. Publisher and literacy consultant Lyn Reggett describes a guided reading lesson where a supportive book, which features the systematic use of high-frequency words, helps a young student discover the thrill of being able to read.



Click here as Lyn shares her recent classroom experience

Ideas for getting the best out of new books

To get students hooked on a new book, teachers need to have conversations with students as they guide them into the book. Whether reading narrative or informative books, talking and engaging with students, as they begin to read, sets the scene for successful guided reading sessions.  


Click here for guided reading tips from teacher Helen Bettes



Free correlation charts now available

We produce outstanding resources that support the implementation and teaching of the Australian Curriculum: English. Correlation charts that show the explicit links between these resources and the curriculum are now available.


Flying Start set
Flying Start to Literacy is a comprehensive core early literacy program that supports the systematic development of reading.  




Click here for your free Flying Start to Literacy Correlation Chart


Comprehension Boxes  

Explorations Strategies for Comprehension for informative texts
is a resource for Years 2-5+ that uses high-interest informative texts to teach six essential reading comprehension strategies.  



Click here for your free Explorations Strategies for Comprehension for informative texts Correlation Chart

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