March 27, 2020
Dear Teachers,

We, at the Early Learning Coalition of Northwest Florida, applaud your dedication to the children and families you serve. Together, we will make it through this. You remain on the front lines of this pandemic to provide all available services to the families you serve with the support they need. You love your community, and we have noticed. We, at the Coalition, are here to support you and your needs, during this extraordinary time.

For more information on COVID-19 and how the State of Florida is combating this virus, visit the Florida Department of Health website. 
Finding The Right FIT For Your Class
Fun indoor activities for kids ages 2-8, making it ideal for active toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and up! With the addition of movement songs and kids exercise activities this is perfect for home.

Click the blue button below and watch your child train for the Olympics by swimming, surfing and stretching like a gymnast - all while indoors! Robotots isn't just fun, its also educational, while dancing around your children are le arning coordination, balance and building their confidence.
Maintaining healthy children and parents is the Coalitions highest priority! With assistance from Ron Shuali, a well known public speaker and martial arts master, keeping the children of Northwest Florida active and entertained will be easier than ever. Yogarate has been taught in over 50 schools and NOW online. Click the blue button below to learn the arts and master your zen with your child.
Florida Department of Health
Tips and Infographics
 Resources for Crisis Management & Learning Through Play!
From disaster preparedness to DIY crafts and sensory bins to STEM, Kaplan Early Learning Company is here to ensure you have all the resources you need to, not only do your job but, do it better than ever before! Click the blue button below and review more than 60 resourceful links designed for teachers and parents.
Stronger Together & Better Than Ever
We, at the Coalition, know the teachers in our service area will come back from COVID-19 stronger together - and better than ever. To help you rock the rest of this school year, we would like to introduce you to the Technical Assistance and Training System (TATS) where you can rock your classroom and your plan! Click the blue button below and review the various checklists, editable lesson plans, and sooo much more!
We exist to grow healthy children, parents, and the relationship between them.
Sponsored by the Early Learning Coalition of Northwest Florida and the State of Florida, Office of Early Learning