Volume 01 | 3.18.2020
Teacher's and Ancillary Provider's Guide for Engaging with Students
As the Saginaw ISD and Saginaw County Schools head into uncharted territory regarding the education and services of our students, continuing to support educators, students, and families remains at the forefront.

During this time, Saginaw ISD encourages teachers and ancillary providers to utilize engagement and enrichment strategies with all students. Engagement strategies include providing engaging opportunities for students to do at home independently or with their caregivers. This goes beyond printed worksheets, learning apps, and reading to also include outdoor activities, physical activities, and interaction with individuals residing in the home. Setting up virtual get-togethers or interactions are highly engaging to students and keep them interacting with teachers/ancillary providers and peers. These opportunities should be accessible to everyone.

Saginaw ISD provides resources through this guide to assist and to be used as recommendations. If you need specific supports in the area of student enrichment, please complete the form below.
Saginaw ISD Recommendations
There is no need to start over! Use the program apps your students are familiar with (i.e. EPIC, NewsELA, RazzKids, SeeSaw, Flipgrid, Google Classroom, MobyMax, iXL). Send students and/or parents encouragement to use along with any updated links and login information. Inspire your families to enjoy these online activities.
Think offline too! There are other ways to keep kids engaged. Ask students to make creations and upload or share during a virtual meeting. Encourage kids to read and talk about books with siblings, parents, or post a video. Create a choice board or menu in which students can choose easy activities that work for them.
Help keep kids connected! Invite students to two or three short sessions a week to join you for a virtual meeting. Topics can be easy such as reading a book together, general discussion questions, play learning games, or a few math problems together. You can use Zoom or Google Hangouts. Kids without internet access can still connect via phone with Zoom. Students are missing the connection they have with their peers. We can help keep them connected!
Make it doable! Keeping this simple and straightforward results in more follow through. Parents can become quickly overwhelmed with schedules or too many resources. Instead try recommending the following:
  • 20 minutes of reading
  • 20-30 minutes of physical activity
  • an engagement activity in the morning and afternoon
  • connect to virtual sessions when possible
Live Events
Check out this calendar of live events and virtual field trips.


Reach out to Saginaw ISD Instruction for support
Additional Support for Parents
Parents have needs outside of engagement supports?
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