Parents love to buy books for the classroom!

Hi Teachers:

Next week is our annual Scholastic Book Fair! The fair will be open before school, during lunch periods, after school and for StoryTelling night. I would like to invite you to come to the fair  on Monday morning to take a look around and fill out your wish lists. Yes, I said wish lists! Parents LOVE to buy teachers books during the fair. There will be a tri-fold set up on a table with an envelope with your name on it. Fill out your wish list items and leave them in your envelope. Easy as that!

I also wanted you to know that Scholastic has a program called All For Books. This program ensures that ALL students are able to have a book from the fair. If you have a student who may not have the opportunity to get a new book, please let us know and we will give them a gift certificate for a free book. Just see any one of the volunteers at the fair and they can help you out.

This year, we will also have a table dedicated to the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl books. Please encourage your students who are participating in the bowl to grab a book or two from this table.

The more books we sell, the more money we can spend on items for your classrooms! Encourage everyone to come to the fair!!

Thank you,
Katie Cossette


Briarlake Elementary PTA