Attention Teachers & Students...

Take advantage of your day off and schedule your dental check up before your schedule gets even busier with school activities!

We have morning and afternoon appointments available at your convenience on Monday, January 21st!

Ward off those pesky cavities and dental emergencies by scheduling your dental check up at the beginning of the year.

Call 770-623-8750 to Schedule Your Appointment!
If you have any insurance benefits changes going into effect this new year, please let us know ASAP so we can do a complimentary benefits check for you before your scheduled appointment to avoid paying in full at your visit. 

Did you know that most dental benefits renewed as of January 1st? Don't procrastinate until the end of the year again! Take advantage of your benefits and start using them now while we have appointments available at your convenience!

Also, if you do not have dental insurance benefits, check out our