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Educators are turning to Teaching for Change for our carefully curated reading lists, trainings, gatherings, and lessons to help students see themselves as agents of change . Here are some reflections from teachers who participated in our trainings this year:
  • The experiences you have brought to me have changed the course of my life and for that I am grateful beyond words.

  • This entire experience has been eye-opening and positive. Keep pushing the limits! Keep making us think!

  • I feel more confident in teaching a narrative based on real people and their stories and not the mythical characterizations of history that focus on a protagonist and an antagonist. I have changed because I now see my classroom as a platform for change.
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The right wing knows that the lessons children learn—or don't learn—in school have a lasting impact on their lives and participation as citizens. For decades, conservative donors like Betsy DeVos, the Koch brothers, and countless others have poured money into education “reform” groups, think tanks, and media outlets.

Many students in high school today will be voting in 2020. We must fight back to build a better future. Make a donation today.
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Deborah Menkart
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