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Teaching Children and Adults to Swim
David Gapinski Promotes Cap and Goggle Drive

David Gapinksi (Center)
Delivers Caps and Goggles
David Gapinski is on the Loggerhead Swim Team where he competes as a member of the Senior National Team and he is also a member of the Creekside High School Swim Team. On most days, you will see David blazing a path in the pool. 

His strongest event is the 200 Yard Butterfly. Whether in practice or in a competitive heat, David has a a powerfully strong rhythm and a fine tuned proficiency in his swimming after more than 10 years of practice and thousands of hours in the pool. Even though David had so much experience in the pool, he still had more to learn about swimming from the viewpoint of those who could not swim and had access to swim lessons for the first time.  As noted by David, following his first time serving as a volunteer swim instructor, "Until this point, I took for granted my ability and privilege to be able to swim every day, let alone do it well and have access to great facilities and fantastic coaches, it was an eye opening experience to say the least." 

While David is still blazing a path in the pool as a competitive swimmer, he is now blazing a different path of sorts as he organized the local swim community to donate swim caps and goggles to support the Shawn D. Delifus Foundation.  

This non-profit organization was founded following the sudden passing of Loggerhead Coach Shawn Delifus who dedicated himself to the community as a Swim Coach. Shawn was David's coach until his untimely passing 3 years ago. However, he was much more than a Swim Coach, he was a role model, mentor, and friend to many swimmers locally and around the country. David is carrying on Shawn's tradition of community service by volunteering this summer with the Foundation as a swim instructor and organizing the cap and goggle drive.  

This summer, the Foundation is providing free and/or subsidized swim lessons to over 220 people ranging in age from infants to adults to senior citizens. The only requirement to participate in the course is a willingness to learn no matter your age or swimming experience. 

The Foundation has been a great base for David and many others to donate their time and expertise.  The skill of being able to swim is a gift that will last a lifetime.  It can and does save lives.  Here is a link to read more about the Foundation:

As noted on the home page for the Foundation, "Get involved and create a better tomorrow." Help children learn a skill that can save their life."

The Good Deed Brigade salutes David Gapinski and other people out there making the community a better place and inspiring others to do their part as well.

Remember, wherever you see the Good Deed Brigade, it's all good.

Good Deed Brigade - Making A Difference
Remember, wherever you see the Good Deed Brigade, 
it's all good.

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