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Teaching Climate Change Education in an Uncertain World
I have had many mentors in my career as an educator, one of them being none other than David Sobel. Years ago, David wrote an enlightening article on ecophobia where he discussed, among other things, the importance for educators to be sensitive to the developmental needs of children when introducing scientific and environmental topics. Introduce a topic too soon, and you risk children becoming apathetic, overwhelmed, or defeated. Such is the case with climate change education. 
How is Climate Change Affecting Our Health? New Module Guides Students to Explore the Connection

John Balbus, MD, MPH, and Tara Failey, MPH introduce the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences' new module on climate change and how its lessons help students understand the connections between climate change and health.
Education Ensures Strong, Sustained, and Effective Climate Solutions

Frank Niepold, C limate Education Coordinator at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Climate Program Office, discusses the importance of climate literacy and describes several resources that are available to teach climate education in the classroom and support teacher learning
Teaching Climate in a Public School Setting 

Gina Smith and Tera Fieri of the Marathon Venture Academy in Marathon City, Wisconsin discuss the various components of their school's "The Culture of Climate Change" expedition, and the impact this expedition has had on students.
Simple Experiments, Complex Conclusions

Shakira Provasoli, a K-5 environmental science teacher at a public school in New York City, shares how using hydroponics helps her students design experiments that show the impacts of climate change.
Climate Change and Regional Geography

Climate change can bring an immediate and pressing relevance to geography study, coaxing new ideas out of worn textbooks. Reprinted with permission from Green Teacher magazine and originally authored by Talia Epstein. 
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