Tip #1: Zoom Bombing

Zoom bombing is when uninvited guests crash your Zoom meeting to disrupt real attendees with disturbing and/or violent imagery. Apply some of the following practices to help secure your Zoom meetings:

Tip #2: Kaltura vs YouTube

YouTube is an easy to use and a great platform for hosting your educational videos, however, there are some advantages when using CPPs hosting platform, Kaltura. Consider the following points when selecting between Kaltura and YouTube to upload your videos:

  • Kaltura allows you to restrict your videos strictly for CPP access, YouTube does not.
  • Kaltura videos are NOT public facing and therefore are not searchable through search engines such as Google.
  • Kaltura videos are CPP managed while YouTube videos are personally managed.
  • Kaltura videos will be captioned by CPP staff where you are responsible for captioning YouTube videos yourself.

Tip #3: Use Blackboard to Foster Academic Integrity

Nothing in life is perfect, but using Blackboard for testing can help you with some academic integrity. Here are some practices to keep in mind when testing with Blackboard:

  • When creating or editing your questions/answers:
  • Use different question types (e.g. Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True/False, Fill in the Blank, etc.).
  • For Multiple Choice questions, check the Randomize Answers box (unless you've included an "All of the above" answer).
  • If you have a large enough question pool, use Random Blocks to essentially give a different test to each student.
  • When setting up your Test Options:
  • Do not enable the Force Completion. It causes far more headaches than it saves!
  • Give limited (but reasonable) time to complete the test using the Timer feature. Optionally, enable Auto Submit to force adherence to the Timer.
  • Set a limited (but reasonable) time frame during which students can start your test using the Display After and Display Until settings.
  • Set up the Show Test Results and Feedback to Students section to limit the type of feedback shown to students after the test's completion. eLearning recommends never showing students the Correct Answer!
  • Set the Test Presentation to One at a Time. Optionally, enable Prohibit Backtracking.
  • Enable the Randomize Questions feature.
A full walkthrough of the Blackboard test creation process can be found in these instructional videos from  LinkedIn Learning :